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Feminist Issues. Women’s Equality. Women’s Movement.

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Feminist, Feminisme, Feministe?: Anti-Patriarchy Is the Key, Karen Offen, Winter 2011, Cafe

Snood by Snood, Tight-Knit Orthodox Piety Loosens Up, Eleanor J. Bader, Summer 2010

Defeating Racism and Sexism with the Politics of Authenticity, Lu Bailey, Summer 2010

Good Girls, Bad Girls: The Kinkiness of Slut-Shaming, Elizabeth Black, Summer 2010

Health Inequality: Gates Foundation Bans Abortion, Marcy Bloom, Summer 2010

Women Challenge Gender Apartheid in the Catholic Church, Angela Bonavoglia, Summer 2010

Alright Then, Let Men Compete, Megan Carpentier, Summer 2010

Say "I Do": Constitutional Equality is Forever", Carolyn A. Cook, Summer 2010

Gender Equality: Devil in the Details, Cindy Cooper, Summer 2010

Girls Kick: Moving the Media's World Cup Goal Posts, Ariel Dougherty, Summer 2010

"Nontraditional": A Video Makes a Car Job Seem Auto-Matic, the Editors, Summer 2010 Cafe

Car Repair is Women's Work, Ann Farmer, Summer 2010

Advancing Rights: 1964 Marks the Beginning of a New Era, Sonia Pressman Fuentes, Summer 2010 Cafe

A Radical Look at the Question of Equality, Helen Gilbert, Summer 2010 Cafe

Beyond Equality to Liberation, Mary Lou Greenberg, Summer 2010

Female Music Critics Transcend Fan Culture, Georgia Kral, Summer 2010 Cafe

MDs Tell HHS: High-Risk Patients Need Abortion Coverage, Jodi Magee, Summer 2010 Cafe

Best City for Working Women: In Our Checkbooks, Beverly Cooper Neufeld, Summer 2010

Gloria Feldt's "No Excuses" and Ways for Women to Think About Power, Theresa Noll, Summer 2010 Cafe

A Feminist Vision: No Justice-No Equity, Loretta J. Ross, Summer 2010

Broadway Has A Long Way to Go, Baby, Deborah Savadge, Summer 2010 Cafe

"Little Marie": The Daily Toll of Sexist Language, Marie Shear, Summer 2010

The Art Perspective: Regina Frank is Present, Linda Stein, Summer 2010

A Prayer for the Girl Child, Suzanne Stutman, Summer 2010 Cafe

Formation of Gender Identity in the Church, Rev. Rebecca Turner, Summer 2010 Cafe

Gender Pay Gap Underestimates Economic Inequality, Joan Williams, Summer 2010 Cafe

Girls- and Women- Are Slamming the Poetry Scene, Lauren Zuniga, Summer 2010 Cafe

A Feminist's U-Turn: A Torrid Tale of Disappointment and Discovery, Megan Carpentier, Spring 2010

Dispatches from the Road: A Travelogue of True Stores, Barbara Becker, Spring 2010

Tips on Making a Career out of Feminist Work, Suzanne Grossman, Spring 2010

Women's Liberation Conciousness-Raising: Then and Now, Carol Hanisch, Spring 2010

Equality for Women: Insights from My Grandfather, Maame-Mensima Horne, Spring 2010

Sharing the Joy of Resistance Through Radio, Fran Luck, Spring 2010

Lessons from Redstockings: A Movement Goes for What It Wants
, Adrien Hilton, Spring 2009 Cafe

Convictions to Action: Lessons From Margaret Sanger
, Gloria Feldt, Winter 2010

Maternal Mortality, Slavery, Fistula Fill Half The Sky, Elayne Clift, Winter 2010

Women Hold Demonstrations for Liberation in Iraq and Afghanistan, Carol Downer, Winter 2010

Mahin Hassibi, Visionary Ideas, Thinking Out Loud, The Editors, Winter, 2010

The Courage of No, Merle Hoffman, Winter 2010

Anabella: Guatemalan Leader Deploys Stilettos Against Corruption, Gail Kriegel, Winter 2010

Wonder Woman: A Comic Book Character Shows The Way, Linda Stein, Winter 2010

Book Reveals Difficulties of Traditional Chinese Gender Roles, Angela Poh, Fall 2009

Race and Gender: Two Lovers Who Dare to Kiss, L.A. Bailey, Fall 2009

Stimulating Social Change, Then and Now, Suzanne Pharr, Fall 2009

Race, Feminism, Our Future: From the Editors, Fall 2009

Selecting the Same Sex, Merle Hoffman, Summer 2009

Busting Bogus Biology and Beliefs, Mahin Hassibi, Summer 2009

Crossing the Gender Rack, Joel Vig, Summer 2009

Virtual Switching, or Playing Games, Georgia Kral, Summer 2009

In a Word: The True History of "Misogyny," Christine E. Hutchins, Summer 2009

The Dickflick Defined, Janis Hashe, Summer 2009

Rolling With the Role, Rev Donna Schaper, Summer 2009

The Ladies Room: A Complicated Conversation, Carolyn Gage, Summer 2009

Open Drag Night at the Outpost Lounge, Angela Bonavoglia, Summer 2009

To Run the World, Power Up Feminism, Gloria Feldt, Spring 2009

Equal Rights Amendment Still Brings Out Ranters, Jennifer S. Macleod, Spring 2009

Put Self-Objectification Under Wraps, Lu Bailey, Spring 2009

Putting Money Where Our Causes Are, Marion Banzhaf, Winter 2009

Revolution Lite, Merle Hoffman, Winter 2009

Twisted Treaty Shafts U.S. Women, Janet Benshoof, Winter 2009

Divide, Conquer and Sell, Merle Hoffman, Summer 2008

Of Victims and Vixens-The Feminist Clash Over Prostitution, Angela Bonavoglia, Summer 2008

Feminist Divisions Cause Real-World Repercussions, Juhu Thukral, Summer 2008

Stop the Traffick, Stiffening State Laws Helps Trapped Women, Sonio Ossario, Summer 2008

Religious Repugnance Obscures Need for Sex Work Decriminalization, Rita Nakashima Brock, Summer 2008

Female Orgasm Today, the Hite Report’s Research Then and Now, Shere Hite, Summer 2008

On the Frontline of Sex Wars, Carol Leigh, Summer 2008

“It’s Not TV, It’s Sexploitation” Protest Against Home Box Office, Norma Ramos, Summer 2008

Nothing About Us, Without Us, Ann Jordan, Summer 2008

Does Working Girls Still Work? Ariel Dougherty, Summer 2008

Naked Truth, Reality and Fantasy Are (Stripper) Poles Apart, Bernadette Barton, Summer 2008

“Ruined” by Lynne Nottage Links War, Horror and Prostitution, A Preview, Alexis Greene, Summer 2008

“How you dress shouldn’t be cause for arrest,” Penelope Saunders, Summer 2008

Fighting Prostitution at the Expense of Slavery, The 2007 Federal Law, Melynda H. Barnhart, Summer 2008

When Revolution in China Elevated Women and Took Prostitution Off the Market, Mary Lou Greenberg, Summer 2008

Affinity, Jaye Austin Williams, Summer 2008

Safeguarding the Rights of Prostituted Women, Lakshmi Anantnarayan, Summer 2008

Let’s Change the Equation on Sex and Earning, Mahin Hassibi, Summer 2008

Putting Together Pieces of Sex Work, Gender Inequality, Deadly Consequences, Jane Roberts, Summer 2008

Erotic Laborers Find Outlet in Spread, Nicole Witte Solomon, Summer 2008

Break the Silence, End the Stigma, Mary Lou Greenberg, May 2008

Who's Afraid of Feminism? Seeing through the Backlash, Ann Oakley and Juliet Mitchell eds, reviewed by Eleanor Bader, Winter 1998

My Body, My Choice, My Consent, Eileen McDonagh, Winter 1998

What's A Feminist To Do?, Merle Hoffman, Summer 1998

Letter to a Young Feminist, Phyllis Chesler, Spring 1998

Letter to an Older Feminist, Sandra Balaban, Spring 1998

Facing the Dragon: Reflections on Female Heroism, Merle Hoffman, Winter 1997

What Women Want by Patricia Ireland, reviewed by Carolyn G Heilbrun, Winter 1997

Is Equality Indigenous? Iroquois Influence on Feminism, Sally Roesch Wagner, Winter 1996

Beijing World Conference on Women

Peggy Simpson's 20-Year View

Julie Mertus' Restaurant Parleys

Frances Kissling on Fundamentalism

Laura Flanders on the Media

Noeleen Heyzer on Agenda Setting

Ellen Snortland on the Chinese Peter Principle

Fed Up with the Diet Industry, Dawn E. Atkins, Winter 1996

Raising Sons as Allies, Paul Kivel, Summer 1996

Happiness and the Feminist Mind, Merle Hoffman, Fall 1996

Peak Experience, Merle Hoffman, Summer 1996

The Power of Beauty by Nancy Friday, reviewed by Lynn Wenzel, Fall 1996

Orgasm Politics: Has It Hijacked the Women's Movement?, Shiela Jeffries, Spring 1996

The Big Chill, Marlene C. Piturro, Winter 1995

Hillary Clinton & the Feminist Mystique, Elaine Rapping, Winter 1995

Telling it Like it Was, Phyllis Chesler, Summer 1995

Nadine Strossen: the Pornography Industry's Wet Dream, Diana EH Russell, Summer 1995

Hair Daze: To Shave or Not to Shave, Olivia James, Spring 1995

The Mothers We Never Knew, Seneca Falls Women's Rights National Park, Lynn Phillips, Winter 1994

He Said / He Said: Unlearning Misogyny, John Stoltenberg, Winter 1994

OTI Dialogue: Congressman John Lewis and Andrea Dworkin - Towards a Revolution in Values, with Merle Hoffman, Fall 1994

A Wolf in Feminist Clothing, The Latest in Rad-Fem Clothing, Phyllis Chesler, Spring 1994

She Just Doesn't Understand, the Feminist Face-Off on Pornography Legislation, Ellen Levy, Fall 1993

Communiques from the Front, Young Activists Chart Feminism's Third Wave, Bonnie Pfister, Summer 1993

What Women Can Learn from Malcolm X, Flo Kennedy and Irene Davall, Summer 1993

The Text Behind That Cover Girl Smile, Merle Hoffman, Summer 1993

Stand-Up Feminism, The Subversive Power of Laughter, Norine Dworkin, Spring 1993

Building a Third Wave: Reflections of a Young Feminist, Laurie Ouellette, Fall 1992

Funny Feminism, a Teen Perspective, Amy Wu, Fall 1992

Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle - Feminism and Pornography, Norine Dworkin, Fall 1992

Fear and Loathing Deconstructed, An Essay on Gloria Steinem's Revolution From Within, Naomi Wolf, Fall 1992

First Ladies, Second Sex, Merle Hoffman, Summer 1992

"Bitch Witches and Hysterical Girls," Salem Witch Trials, Fred Pelka, Summer 1992

Blacklist, Black Days: Stalking the "Red Menace," Patricia Lynden, Summer 1992

Feminist Witchcraft in Today's World, Ann Forfreedom, Summer 1992

TO JAIL WITH LOVE An Interview with Linda Backiel, By Patricia Lynden

Thelma and Louise Live, Merle Hoffman, Winter 1991

Motherhood and Feminism, Feminist Writer Jane Lazarre, Eleanor Bader, Fall 1991

Is Being Female A Birth Defect?, Merle Hoffman, Summer 1991

"Out of the Caring Closet," Profile of Feminist Writer/Critic Suzanne Gordon, Eleaor Bader, Summer 1991

Population Control – Out of Control?, Eleanor J. Bader, Spring 1991

The Politics of Violence, Charlotte Bunch, Fall 1990

Breaking Barriers, Women and Minorities in the Sciences, Interview with MIT President Paul E. Gray and Dean of Student Affairs Shirley M. McBay, Summer 1990

To Pee or Not to Pee, Sexism at Harvard, Irene Davall, Summer 1990

French Feminism and Jewish Identity, An Interview with Renee David, Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Vol 14 Spring 1990

On the Trail of Jane the Fool, female jester in the court of Queen Mary I, Denise Selleck, Vol 14 Spring 1990

Two Faces of Motherhood, Merle Hoffman, Vol 8, 1987

The New Crusaders, Merle Hoffman, Vol 7, 1987

Breaking the Barriers, Interview with Kate Millett, Merle Hoffman, Vol 10 1988

The Making of a Radical Feminist, Interview with Andrea Dworkin, Merle Hoffman, Vol 9 1988

Metaphors of Nature: Vivisection and Pornography – The Manichean Machine, Roberta Kalechofsky, Vol 9 1988

Sex, Politics and Psychology, Ray Rakow, M.D., Vol 9 1988

The Crusade of Karen Thompson – An Interview, Merle Hoffman, Vol 7 1987

"Into Your Hands Are They Delivered", A Meditation on Animal Rights and Women's Rights, Julia Piggin, Vol 7, 1987

In Memory of Two Alices, Beverly Lowy, Vol 5, Winter/Spring 1985

Forever Bella, In Her Own Words, Summer 1998

Unfinished Business, Janice K Bryant, Fall 1997

Orgasm Politics: Has It Hijacked the Women's Movement?, Shiela Jeffries, Spring 1996

A Fighter from the Bronx: Bella Abzug, Spring 1995

The Mothers We Never Knew, Seneca Falls Women's Rights National Park, Lynn Phillips,Winter 1994

Always in Your Face, Flo Kennedy, An Activist Forever, Beverly Lowy, Spring 1993

The Hormone Wars, Loretta Williams, Winter 1999

Serving the Sentence, Deborah Shouse, Winter 1999

My Grandmother's Stories, Jody Lannen Brady, Winter 1999

Saving the World: Motherhood as Advocacy, Michelle Brockway, Fall 1998

A Meditation on the Sea, Phyllis Chesler, Fall 1998

Out of the Loop and Out of Print, Kate Millett, Summer 1998

When Death is a Constant Companion: Why Women Reporters Go to War, Marilyn Stasio, Spring 1998

Girls and the Business of Sex, Dylan Foley, Summer 1997

How the Spirit Moves, Brenda and Wanda Henson, Spring 1997

No Tears Left: One Nanny's Odyssey in America, Camille Small, Spring 1997

Rita Levi-Montalcini: Biology and Destiny, Ruby Rohrlich, Spring 1997

My Six Months as an Afghan Bride: The Making of an American Feminist, Phyllis Chesler, Spring 1997

Fruitful: A Real Mother in the Modern World by Anne Roiphe, reviewed by Robin Bromley, Spring 1997

"One Must be Ready for Time and Eternity," The Legacy of Bertha Pappenheim, Melinda Given Guttman, Fall 1996

Peak Experience, Merle Hoffman, Summer 1996

The Ugly Dutchess, Edith Pearlman, Winter 1995

Bike Lust, Barbara Joans, Fall 1995

Heartsick in the Heartland, Andrea Peyser, Fall 1995

Write What You Want, as Long as It's About Sex, Shere Hite, Fall 1995

Mississippi Feminists Under Attack, Phyllis Chesler, Fall 1994

An Update on Aileen Wuornos, Phyllis Chesler, Summer 1993

Women Whistleblowers: What They Say, the Price They Pay, Elaine Clift, Winter 1992

Aileen Wuornos on Trial, Sex, Death and the Double Standard, Phyllis Chesler, Summer 1992

You Can Go Home Again, Interview with Writer Melissa Fay Greene, Eleanor J. Bader, Summer 1992

The Hidden Children of the Shoah, The Full Extent of the Damage, Beverly Lowy, Winter 1991

Ginny Nelson, A Sister of the Road, Shannon Moon Leonetti, Fall 1991

"I am Somebody," Barbara's Story, M. Robbyn Swan, Summer 1991

Fay Stender and the Politics of Murder, Diana Russell, Spring 1991

Women on War and Survival, Ending Nuclear Overkill and War, Daniela Gioseffi, Fall 1990

Mothers in the Fatherland, Interview with author Claudia Koonz on Women in Nazi Germany, Fred Pelka, Fall 1990

H.O.M.E., One Woman's Approach to Society's Problems, Helen M. Stummer, Summer 1990

Women Travelers, Willie Mao Kneupper, Summer 1990

I Dream A World, Portraits of 75 Women Who Changed America, interview with Photographer Brian Lanker, by Eleanor J. Bader, Vol 14 Spring 1990

America's Most Dangerous Woman? Interview with Political Prisoner Susan Rosenberg, Merle Hoffman, Vol 13 1989

Hysterical Housewives (And Other Courageous Women), Karen Jan Stults, Vol 13 1989

Following the Vision: 50 Years in the Non-Violent Movement, Marjorie Swann, Vol 11 1989

Breaking the Barriers, Interview with Kate Millett, Merle Hoffman, Vol 10 1988

The Teen Who Just Said "No!" Interview, Roberta Kalechofky, Vol 10 1988

The Invisible Woman, Melody Anderson and Leora Magler, Vol 7 1987

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