OnTheIssuesMagazine.com July 2008 Works Hard For Her Money Feminists and Prostitutes

Of Victims And Vixens--The Feminist Clash Over Prostitution - by Angela Bonavoglia

In the wake of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s stunning fall from grace in March 2008 for spending some $80,000 on call girls, prostitution has come way out of the closet.
•With Video
• Art by Tiana Markova-Gold

Feminist Divisions Cause Real-World Repercussions - by Juhu Thukral

The idea of sex workers fighting for their human rights is a foreign concept to most people, even those who identify politically as progressives or feminists. •With Video

Stop the Traffick: Stiffening State Laws Helps Trapped Women - by Sonia Ossorio

I know a woman from South America who spent her first night in the Big Apple in a brothel overlooking Roosevelt Avenue in Queens.

Anastasi Prostitutes ©Audrey Anastasi

Religious Repugnance Obscures Need for Sex Work Decriminalization - by Rita Nakashima Brock

In the mid-1990s, Asian feminists concerned about the sexual exploitation of children and women and the growing epidemic of HIV/AIDS urged Susan Thistlethwaite and me to write a book about the sex industry.

“It’s Not TV, Its Sexploitation”
Protest Against Home Box Office
- by Norma Ramos

HBO advertises the Cathouse DVD this way: If you've got a credit card, it's all there for the asking at Nevada's Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

Nothing About Us, Without Us - by Ann Jordan

Scores of women in Cambodia were rounded up and held in detention where they report being robbed, beaten and gang raped. •With Video

Does Working Girls Still Work? - by Ariel Dougherty

Working Girls is a classic film on sex work, which many professors report using in college courses for discussion purposes. •With Video

From the Publisher: Divide, Conquer and Sell - by Merle Hoffman

I learned very early about the use of my sexuality and the power it had...

shere hite
Shere Hite

Female Orgasm Today: The Hite Report's Research Then and Now - by Shere Hite

"I always wanted to have orgasm during intercourse with him -- seems like the impossible dream."

On the Frontline of Sex Wars - by Carol Leigh

Prostitutes are "the only street fighters we've got," wrote radical feminist Ti-Grace Atkinson in her 1974 book, Amazon Odyssey. •With Video

Naked Truth: Reality and Fantasy Are (Stripper) Poles Apart - by Bernadette Barton

Every semester I assign my undergraduate students in my gender and sexuality courses a class project on the media.

The Art Perspective- by Linda Stein

Suzanne Lacy's 1974 Project on Prostitution

The Poet's Eye - Poems by Minnie Bruce Pratt and Erin Whitfield

Two Views - The lingering aftereffects of prostitution
• Art by Audrey Anastasi

Theater Arts - by Alexis Greene

“RUINED” by Lynn Nottage Links War, Horror and Prostitution, a Preview

Congolese refugee women
©Lynn Nottage: "Ruined"

From the On The Issues Print Archive

On The Issues Volume 5 1985 On The Issues: Summer 1995

Pimping: The World's Oldest Profession
by Kathleen Barry

On The Issues Magazine
Summer 1995

Across nation-states, pimping, "living off the earnings of a prostitute," is illegal. But proprostitution movements in the West now propose to decriminalize pimping so that pimps can be treated as lovers or husbands, not enslavers of prostitute women. But it is a fact of prostitution that once a woman "tricks" for a man, she is never again not his "whore." He thinks of her as such, whether or not he is otherwise known to her as husband, lover, brother or father. -READ FULL STORY-

Sex Work and Prostitution -- Beholders See Different Issues In Past Stories
by Mary Lou Greenberg

Women and sex -- for pleasure, for money, as an oppression, as a profession -- is a theme found throughout the print life (1983-1999) of On The Issues Magazine.

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