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In the U.S., AIDS Spreads Rapid-Fire - by Molly M. Ginty

HIV/AIDS crosses the gender divide and women are targets

What is a Woman Worth? - by Marcy Bloom

The Global Story is the Feminization of a Pandemic

Break the Silence, End the Stigma - Mary Lou Greenberg

“Silence = Death.” The shout of AIDS activists cut like a knife .....

AIDS and Listening to Women - By Sharon Walton

"I Don't Want to Write the Book"

Bad Thoughts

A potpourri of hate

The Art Perspective- by Linda Stein

Linda Stein’s sculpture envisions empowerment for women with HIV-AIDS

The Poet's Eye - Poems by Gale Jackson

conversations with love: 25 and her sister's dead.

Theater Arts - by Alexis Greene

Continental Bridges and Stage Firsts: "In The Continuum" Tells Women’s Missing HIV Stories

Book Review - by Eleanor J. Bader

No Place Left to Bury the Dead: Denial, Despair and Hope in the African AIDS Pandemic by Nicole Itano

New Commentary! Visit The Cafe!

by Merle Hoffman

On The Issues Magazine
Volume 4, Winter/Spring 1985

I am overhearing a phone conversation - the tone of the speaker is intimate - concerned - loving - parental... long complicated words are being spelled out - RETINITIS - CHEMOTHERAPY - LYMPHADEN0PATHY - repeated again and again.

The voice on the other side of the phone was BOBBY'S - and he had missed his appointment "Is your lover with you now - does he know you will probably have to be going into the hospital?"


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