OTI Online
Spring 1995

A Fighter from the Bronx


Bella Abzug (right) with OTI publisher Merle Hoffman (left) and Phyllis Chesler at the Veteran Feminists of America dinner.

Bella Abzug, "the Bronx's gift to the nation, and now the world," was awarded the 1994 Veteran Feminists of America Medal of Honor. The former congresswoman, now 74, was the U.S. delegate to the recent Cairo population conference, where she helped organize the daily women's caucus to ensure the conference's final document reflected the reality of women's lives. Bella is now "leading the charge" for the UN's Fourth World Conference on Women, to be held in Beijing in September. Said Jacqui Ceballos at the medal of honor presentation: "Stir up Bella and she stirs up the world."

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