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Sarah Palin and the Apocalypse
Sarah Palin’s smile, the apocalypse and the antiabortion movement.

Merle Hoffman
Read More July 2008 Works Hard For Her Money Feminists and Prostitutes

Honor Killings and Human Bombs: Abuses, Old and New - by Jan Goodwin

Imagine the sheer terror of five Pakistani women or the subjection of a Sri Lankan woman used as a terror tool.

The Poet's Eye - From Poetry Co-Editor Judith Arcana

In poetry by Kirsten Rian and Juditha Dowd, mothers and daughters try to interpret landscapes of pitfalls. •Art by Carol Hunt

The War I Know: Sidelined, A to Z - by Carolyn Gage

One writer’s Roladex shows that women’s war was raging before Iraq added fuel to the fire.

Media Tools Counter War Violence Against Women - by Ariel Dougherty

War, rape, atrocities: women aim cameras to expose human rights abuses. •With Video

Terror For Women Exists Throughout History, Across Cultures - by Mahin Hassibi

No woman can feel safe from the vicissitudes of terror experienced by her sex. •Art by Joan Roth

The Terror of Loving and Losing - by Cathy Albisa

The worst thing to happen? For some women, it’s the inability to feed their kids.

Terrorizing the Loved Pets of Women - by Carol Adams

Battering men brutalize beloved pets to control and manipulate wives and girlfriends.

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©Jana Leo

RAPE NEW YORK - by Jana Leo

Tracing the footsteps of a rapist exposes predation, myths and lies in a book-in-progress. •Art by Jana Leo


The Terror-Submission
Backlash by Susan Faludi

© Martha Rosler, no use without permission
©Martha Rosler

The Art Perspective- Edited by Linda Stein

Art Editor Linda Stein features Martha Rosler, who is known for placing unsettling images in familiar places. •Art by Martha Rosler

The Terror of Motherhood in Somaliland and Women’s Rights to Safe Care - by Edna Adan Ismail

Why is delivering a baby still killing women in Africa? The shame of maternal mortality.

Theater Artsby Alexis Greene

Whatever happened to Nora? Women’s nightmares of homelessness gain the attention of all-too-few on stage. •Art by Joan Roth

Gaining Control by Kate Millett


Anti-Abortion Terror Tactics Take A Toll - by Eleanor Bader

Violence and stigma continue to drain abortion patients and providers in dangerous ways.

Women and the War on Terror: An Unintended Consequence? - by Sallie Bingham

Induced fear seeks to secure subservience, but we can fight against it. •Art by Siona Benjamin

Daughter” -- The New Face of War - by Cassandra Medley

In a monologue, a parent expresses her grief when a military daughter returns home with life-altering injuries.

Anti-Immigrant Fervor Translates to Terror for Women - by Melissa Nalani Ross

Racism, sexism and xenophobia put immigrant women at risk of rape, violence and insufferable indignity.

From the On The Issues Print Archive

On The Issues Volume 5 1985 On The Issues: Vol. 9, 1988

Women's Lives Under Padding
by Merle Hoffman

On The Issues Magazine
Vol. 9, 1988

… Upon reflection, there appears to be an enormous amount of male rage in this society One could perhaps theorize a political basis for this rage, that it is fostered by a lack of community, tack of ethical purpose, separation from one's essential humanity, feeling powerless in the personal, impotent in the professional; etc. But the bottom line is that this rage is, more often than not, directed at women … READ FULL STORY-

What is Terror for Women: A Hot Topic In Our Archives
by Mary Lou Greenberg

Much of women's lives has to do with terror - living with it, facing it, and most importantly, overcoming it. The terror of anticipated and actual abuse, both bloody acts and devastating words; terror of bombs and guns in wars of various kinds, in Kosovo, the Congo, the Middle East today, or at the doors of abortion clinics in the U.S.; the terror of not knowing where you and your family will sleep tonight, find food for your children's meals tomorrow, or the fear that they will be shot in neighborhood violence or by the police.

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