In our Fall '09 edition, On The Issues Magazine writers and artists address
the politics of feminism, race and a new progressive movement.

Race, Feminism, Our Future- From the Editors

Visionary ideas are needed to move forward on social justice and equality. •Art by Taryn Wells and Faith Ringgold

Women of Color Push Reproductive Justice - by Natalie Bell

EXCLUSIVE: Gathering in D.C., SisterSong turns to site-specific activism. •Video

Taking on Postracialism - by Rinku Sen

Racial justice demands aiming higher and farther. •Art by Taryn Wells

To Stop Gender Violence, Start Changing the Tune - by Andrea Smith

Cops aren’t ending violence against women – why not something new? •Art by Natalie Frank

The On The Issues Video Arcade

Video link to Maame_Mensima Horne, SisterSong Visit the video archive

Beginning with the Children: To Teach Peace - by Eleanor J. Bader

Youth learn to stand up to bullies, ‘isms’ and social ills. •Art by Gwyneth Leech

Birthers and Birchers: Hiding Behind Stars and Stripes - by Loretta J. Ross

‘Coded’ language embeds reactionary views. •Art by Helene Ruiz and Gloria Holwerda-Williams

Book Reviews
- Edited by Christine E. Hutchins

Reigniting Black Feminist Power - Review by Christine E. Hutchins

"Black Feminist Politics from Kennedy to Clinton" by Duchess Harris

Defying Labels With Fearlessness - Review by Courtney Zehnder

"The Other Side of Paradise" by Staceyann Chin

© Faith Ringgoldn, Our Genders, Our Rights OTI Online Summer 2009
© Faith Ringgold 2009

The Art Perspective- Curated by Linda Stein

Featuring the Art of Faith Ringgold, "How the People Became Color Blind and We Came to America."

Mujeres Take Back the Culture With Old Photos - by Graciela Sanchez

A San Antonio arts program lights up activism and reaches across barriers.

The Poet's Eye - From Poetry Co-Editor Clare Coss

Poets Marian Cannon Dornell and Cheryl Clarke stride through history.  •Art by Emma Amos

The First of All Liberties: Making Health Care Meet All Women’s Needs - by Eesha Pandit

A reality-based “plan” requires reproductive justice. •Art by Helene Ruiz

Natural Disasters, Climate Change Uproot Women of Color - by Jacqui Patterson

Firing up voices on environmental impact puts global warming in focus. •Art by Emma Amos

The ‘New’ Population Control Craze: Retro, Racist, Wrong Way to Go- by Betsy Hartmann

Shifting world problems to women’s bellies is a tattered trick. •Art by Janet Goldner

Stimulating Social Change, Then and Now- by Suzanne Pharr

Jobs rebuilding communities would tap feminist ideals. •Art by Emma Amos

From the On The Issues Print Archive

Bum Raps, “Bubbas," and Affirmative Action

On The Issues Magazine
Fall 1995

Radio commentator and writer Julianne Malveaux, Ph.D. hosted a lively exchange with attorney Barbara A. Arnwine and National Urban Coalition head Ramona Edelin, Ph.D. Among topics discussed: the image of African American women in Congressional debates and rap music:


From Our Files:

As On The Issues Magazine takes up the feminism, race and a new progressive movement in today’s world in this edition, readers can check out articles related to the topic from our print archives.

Vol. 5 1985

Florynce Kennedy and Irene Duvall, activists in both the civil rights and women's movements, joined On the Issues Magazine as contributing editors in 1985, and were interviewed by Merle shortly thereafter. Talking about women and power, Flo, who died in Dec. 21, 2000 at the age of 84, said, with trademark feistiness:


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