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our Lines In The Sand.    

From the Publisher:
Higher Ground, Not Common Ground
- by Merle Hoffman

No capitulation is possible when our bodies are the lines in the sand.

Mobilizing for Reproductive Justice - by Loretta J. Ross

Common grounders must put women of color and the disadvantaged first.

To Run the World, Power Up Feminism - by Gloria Feldt

We can expect ideological whiplash until we are in the driver's seat. •Art by Liz Whitney Quisgard

Listen Up: UN Must Hear Women on Violence - by Charlotte Bunch

A campaign against gender-based violence needs feminism. And to clean its house.

Intimate Lines

Teaching Daughters About Lollipop Politics - by Margot Mifflin

Sure, Lil Wayne won a Grammy, but is my 12-year-old ready for radio licks? •Art by Reina Mia Brill

Shaping Sexual Futures On A Budget - by Donna Schaper

Stop all current sex ed and teach fun sex, smart sex and freedom from violence. •Art by CBangs

Know thy Clitoris - by Rebecca Chalker

Sexual pleasure for women begins with 8,000 nerve endings.

On the Murder and Continuing Inspiration of Dr. George Tiller- by Merle Hoffman

George Tiller was a friend, comrade and associate of mine for over a quarter of a century.

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The Art Perspective- Curated by Linda Stein

Judith K. Brodsky addresses discrimination against women in male arenas.

The Poet's Eye - From Poetry Co-Editor Clare Coss

Judith Arcana, Grace Paley and Nimah I. Nawwab speak of truth and rebellion.

Activists Boost Female Health Empowerment- by Eleanor J. Bader

An insider perspective helps women around the world meet bodily needs.

Taking a Stand on Hospitals, and Meaning It - by Lois Uttley

Organizers get creative in saving reproductive health services.

Common Enemies: LGBT, Abortion Share Foes - by Pam Chamberlain

Why are the losing culture warriors winning concessions?

Equal Rights Amendment Still Brings Out Ranters - by Jennifer S. Macleod

New ERA strategies fight historic resistance.

Second Bill of Rights: Economic Security - by Irasema Garza

Filling wallets is the next challenge for women's equality. •Art by Edith Isaac-Rose

From the On The Issues Print Archive

"Thelma and Louise Live." by Merle Hoffman

On The Issues Magazine
Winter 1991

I never really wear the things: Political buttons, T shirts with messages, designer-labeled bags. I don't like to advertise my politics or buying habits by turning myself into a walking message for someone else's consumption - except when I conduct my own special social/psychological experiments and decide to become a political catalyst.


For two women shot to death in Brookline, Massachusetts
by Marge Piercy

How dare a woman choose?
Choose to be pregnant,
choose to be childless,
choose to be lesbian,
choose to have two lovers or none,
choose to abort
choose to live alone
choose to walk alone ......

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