Our Genders Our Rights, the Summer 2009  edition of On The Issues Magazine
In our Summer '09 edition, On The Issues Magazine writers and artists discuss gender norms and differing perspectives of gender identity in Our Genders, Our Rights

Our Genders, Our Rights- From the Editors

Women are still boxed in, but gender identity is shaking the frame

From the Publisher: Selecting The Same Sex
- by Merle Hoffman

Making a world where females are as welcome as males inside the womb •Art by Fran Forman

Busting Bogus Biology and Beliefs - by Mahin Hassibi

Power, myth and dogma tell more about sex roles than XX and XY •Art by Ming-Yi Sung Zaleski

Trans Health Care Is A Life and Death Matter- by Eleanor J. Bader

A feminist clinic offers Southern comfort for trans-specific healthcare •Art by Ella Dreyfus; Video

How A Feminist Found Her Sexism - by Helen Boyd

When hubby becomes wife, bubbles of expectation burst open •Art by Gavin Rouille

American Taliban: Sect Controls Women’s Destinies - by Carolyn Jessop and Laura Palmer

Help is needed for women brainwashed by male religious authoritarians

The On The Issues Video Arcade

Video link to Vivian Gornick Visit the video archive

Book Reviews
- Edited by Christine E. Hutchins

A Human Finds Robot Love: New Jeanette Winterson Book - Review by Cameron Kelsall

A writer known for challenging feminine stereotypes takes on sci-fi

How Media Portrayals Affect Women Seeking Abortions
- Review by Heather MacGibbon

Old narratives that terrorize patients are starting to change

© Fran Forman, Our Genders, Our Rights OTI Online Summer 2009
© Fran Forman

Crossing The Gender Rack - by Joel Vig

A fabulous pink suit does not make the woman alone … but it’s a start

Asylum Pitfalls May Await the Transgender Applicant- by Victoria Neilson

Persecution and death can face individuals returned to homelands •Art by Clarissa Sligh

The Art Perspective- Curated by Linda Stein

Featuring the Art of Tammy Rae Carland: An artist tests identity by performing her father and mother

The Poet's Eye - From Poetry Co-Editor Judith Arcana

Poets Julie Enszer, Judith Barrington and Toi Derricotte explore tender areas of gender roles

Elizabeth Sackler Gives Hope, but Artistic Venues Are Slim for Women - by Linda Stein

 A feminist center emerges from a passion for art

Art World Insiders Struggle to Address Disparity

What's in a name? Everything - by Thea Hillman

Why “Intersex” matters, and what to call it anyhow •Art by Sca Shilova

Virtual Switching, or Playing Games? - by Georgia Kral

Online identities let fantasies fly, but even cybergirls are typecast •Art by Sca Shilova; Video

It all started with Adam and Eve - compiled by Mary Lou Greenberg

Looking at men and women the "Right" way

From the On The Issues Print Archive

Designing Sex
Playing God, Have Doctors Gone Too Far?
by Mahin Hassibi, M.D.

On The Issues Magazine
Summer 1998

My name is Michael Ross. I'm a condemned man on Connecticut's death row," began the unsolicited manuscript entitled "Reflections from Death Row" in On The Issues' mail. "I'm the worst of the worst, a serial killer and sexual sadist," it continued, "who is responsible for the rape and murder of eight women in three different states, who has assaulted several other women, and who has stalked and frightened many more. I have never denied what I did, and fully confessed to my crimes. The only issue in my case, from the beginning, has been my mental condition. For years I have been trying to prove that I am suffering from a mental illness that drove me to rape and kill, and that this mental illness made me physically unable to control my actions. I have met with little success."


From Our Files:
Gender Always On The Agenda

The question of gender has been an ongoing theme in On the Issues Magazine – Gender roles, gender identity and self-identity, societal and personal gender expectations.

In an article published 11 years ago, The Tyranny of the Esthetic: Surgery's Most Intimate Violation (Summer 1998), Martha Coventry describes her devastating personal experience in having her clitoris cut as a child so she would look “normal." Interviewing others also forced at the point of a knife to conform to so-called societal standards of what “boys" and “girls" must look like, Coventry discusses the deep psychological problems often accompanying such surgery and concludes: “It is not the bodies of these children that are wrong, it is the way people see them." Thea Hillman reviews Coventry’s material in this edition of On The Issues Magazine and finds it surprisingly relevant, even as new issues about language and Intersex identity are causing waves.


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