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We asked leading writers, thinkers and artists to share big-picture ideas and actions for a feminist and progressive future. Their “new revolutions" -- stimulating and provocative -- are shared here. - Editors

SPRING 2009 PREVIEW: Mobilizing Our Dreams for Reproductive Justice by Loretta J. Ross

From the Publisher: Revolution Lite - by Merle Hoffman

Putting lipstick on a feminist is not the same as a vision.

Wanted: A Revolution in Critical Thinking - by Susan Jacoby

Junk thought is an equal-opportunity affliction that endangers our future. •Art by Carter Hodgkin

Beyond politics and one god - by Frances Kissling

Women need a religious revolution that ends anti-women mythology.

Twisted Treaty Shafts U.S. Women- by Janet Benshoof

Americans should demand gender equality and reject a watered-down CEDAW.

End Torture, End Domestic Violence - by Rhonda Copelon

Stop the degradation of domestic abuse by declaring the truth: it’s torture.

Female Avatars Hail ‘Second Life’ - by Sharon Collingwood

A raft of possibilities exist for women to organize for change in virtual worlds.

Second Life
Avatars at the Women's Conference on Second Life

Ending the Male Patina in Biology - by Mahin Hassibi

From Darwin to DNA, men have colored biology.  This should change.

Ramping Up Democracy in the U.S. - by Pam Wilmot

A national popular vote is needed to end the Electoral College, born in slavery and anti-female sentiment.

The Greatest Casualty of the Feminist Revolution May be the Feminist Vision Itself
The Greatest Casualty of the Feminist Revolution May be the Feminist Vision Itself

The Art Perspective- Curated by Linda Stein

Art Editor Linda Stein features artist and pacifist, Joyce Kozloff, an originating figure of the Pattern and Decorative movement.

The Poet's Eye - From Poetry Co-Editor Judith Arcana

Four poets imagine escapes to better worlds; works by Diane Lockward, Lois Rosen, Marge Piercy and Annie Finch. •Art by Stephanie Brody-Lederman

MILK and Recruiting for Rights - by Eleanor J. Bader

Harvey Milk didn’t shrink from seeking power to secure change.

Theater Arts: A Menace to Societyby Alexis Greene

With the controversial Bill Baird as a subject, dramatists put birth control down center.

Our Architecture Ourselves - by Leslie Kanes Weisman

Better environments mix feminist values with bricks and mortar.

Putting Money Where Our Causes Are - by Marion Banzhaf

In a crashing economy, radical activists need help.

An Animal Lawyer Makes a Manifesto - by Barbara J. Gislason

A pioneering lawyer ponders the role of animals and the pursuit of justice.

Health Care ‘Reform’ Is Not Enough - by Susan Yanow

Five ways to lock in health services for all women. •Art by Barbara Rachko

From the On The Issues Print Archive

On The Issues Volume 5 1985 On The Issues: Fall 1994

OTI Dialogue: Congressman John Lewis and Andrea Dworkin Towards a Revolution in Values by Merle Hoffman

On The Issues Magazine
Fall 1994

The Congressman arrived flushed with triumph. He had just been part of the victorious vote on the law to ban assault rifles. It was an auspicious beginning, for ON THE ISSUES publisher Merle Hoffman had invited John Lewis (D-GA) and feminist activist, author, and novelist Andrea Dworkin to talk about violence in American society and the links between the black civil rights and feminist movements.


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The print editions of On the Issues Magazine (1983-1999) carried many articles, editorials and interviews with vision and hopeful projections about women’s lives, even when they also addressed difficult realities. We’ve highlighted a few here.


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