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Featured Video: Intimate Wars by Merle Hoffman
In our Spring '10 edition, On The Issues Magazine contributors look at ways to enhance and augment our understanding of feminist and progressive values.

About The Feminist Mind- by the Editors

Gear shift: Lubricating our minds outside the mainstream.

To Halt Emotional Abuse, French Law Teaches Bullies A Lesson- by Eleanor Bader

Can outlawing mental cruelty educate about its harm? •Art by Jil Guyon, Photograph by Ran Shapira

Dispatches from the Road: A Travelogue of True Stories - by Barbara Becker

Learning to take the slow train from the president’s mother.

Sharing the Joy of Resistance Through Radio
- by Fran Luck

It’s not Oprah: Radical feminists find few homes on the airwaves. •Video

The On The Issues Video Arcade

Education Distorts says Nayyar Javed Visit the video archive

Feminist’s U-Turn: A Torrid Tale of Disappointment and Discovery - by Megan Carpentier

Turned off by a college course, a woman finally finds her allies. •Art by Brenda Oelbaum

On The Frontlines: A Counselor Must Address A Gauntlet of Lies- by Mary Lou Greenberg

Building knowledge and self-esteem helps a patient make the right choice. •Art by Aimee Lee

Media Literacy: Piercing Content and Who Controls It - by Jennifer L. Pozner

Arming ourselves against media sloppiness and manipulation. •Art by Pamela Vander Zwan •Video

Thinking About Hollywood: Breaking the Entertainment Barrier - by Jaye Austin Williams

No popcorn needed: interrogating the movies we see. •Video

Listening Up: Students Blow the Whistle on Sexual Violence - by Stephanie Gilmore and Sarah Barr

A new generation demands that colleges must prevent rape. •Art by Cecile Brunswick

Two Years of Hits: Our Top Ten

Our second anniversary finds female sexuality, the ERA and Palin-pushback rank high.

Three Habits of the Heart and Mind To Spark Cultural Awakening - by Arlene Goldbard

Creativity is key to deep and meaningful citizenship. •Art by Robin Tewes and Ula Einstein

The Art Perspective- Curated by Linda Stein

Michelle Stuart Art Perspective on OTI

Features a retrospective of the work of Michelle Stuart, who uses nature to illuminate human connections.

Women’s Liberation Consciousness-Raising: Then and Now - by Carol Hanisch

Exposing oppression builds awareness for action. •Art by Ula Einstein

Practicing Freedom: An Enduring Model in Anne Frank - by Maureen McNeil

A girl’s diary reaches across prison walls and generational barriers.

How to Think Like A Feminist Economist - by Susan Feiner

Recognizing that conventional analyses, even taxes, are not gender neutral. •Art by Susan H. Baker •Video

The Poet's Eye - From Poetry Co-Editor Clare Coss

© Miriam Schapiro Passion, Freedom & Women OTI Online Winter 2010
©Aimee Lee

Margaret Randall, Meena Alexander and Suheir Hammad share worldly views. •Art by Aimee Lee

Equality for Women: Insights from My Grandfather- by Maame-Mensima Horne

Using the privileges of education to help those most marginalized. •Video

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From the On The Issues Print Archive

Happiness and the Feminist Mind
by Merle Hoffman

On The Issues Magazine
Fall 1996

Americans are a nation of people who feel supremely entitled to happiness. After all, in the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson virtually orders us to pursue it. Calling the Declaration "an expression of the American Mind," Jefferson proclaimed for future generations that the pursuit of happiness, along with life and liberty, were inalienable rights.


From Our Files:

From its very first print edition in 1983, On The Issues Magazine heralded “out of the box” education. The first edition, modest in scope, featured an alert on AIDS, which was a mystery to the large majority of Americans at that time.

On the Issues Magazine has frequently gone off the beaten path to new trails being developed for educating and sustaining mind and body. In 1994 Katherine Eban Finkelstein wrote about a woman's exhaustive and intense search for a cure for her own cancer outside conventional medicine. In 1997, a story highlighted Camp Sister Spirit, a feminist educational and cultural retreat center in the deep South and founded by Brenda and Wanda Henson. And our print (1983-1999), as well as well as online (2008-2010), pages have included new approaches to sex and sexuality education, including, in 1994, Antioch College's "Ten Commandment's of Love," and, more recently in 2009, Rev. Donna Schaper's proposal to counter "punishmentalism" in sex by teaching "fun sex and smart sex conjoined."



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What’s concerning us, feminists and progressives? From the front lines to the back burners, our angle on vital matters on our minds and popping up in the news.


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Intimate Wars

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The Life and Times
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Who Brought Abortion
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• Merle Hoffman, publisher of On The Issues Magazine


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