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A Prayer for the Girl-Child

by Suzanne Stutman

When I grow up
Please let me:
Be safe.
Learn to read and write.
Live with my parents
And my brothers and sisters.
Not be sold to work
As an indentured servant
Or a sex slave.
Have enough food
And clean water
To enable me to have
A healthy body and mind.
Keep my sexual organs
Intact and not mutilated.
Allowed to love and marry
The person of my choice.
Enabled to keep
The children that I bear,
And to bear as many as I choose.
When I grow up
May I discover
A world populated
By all who honor
And one another.
When I grow up,
May we all be
As one.

July 29, 2010

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Suzanne Stutman is a professor of English, American Studies and Women's Studies at Penn State University, Abington College. She is the First Vice-President of IHAN (The International Health Awareness Network) and a Founding Board member and Secretary of the Toni Morrison Society. She has published eight books, including three poetry books. "White Feather: A Journey to Peace," consists of poetry written and donated to various non profits and addressing the issues of violence and empowerment, primarily on behalf of women and children. Her latest, "All the Power Rests with You," is a poetry diary that she donates schools and non profits around the world.

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