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Editor’s Note: In light of the devastating earthquake in Haiti and in tribute to the courage of the Haitian people, On The Issues Magazine presents an exclusive eyewitness interview with a physician who traveled to Haiti on an emergency basis as a volunteer.

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All Photographs ©Dr. Evans Crevecoeur

“From the air, it looked like an atomic bomb had hit Haiti. I haven't seen an atomic bomb, but I couldn't imagine anything worse...everything was like dust...people under the rubble. I just started crying. But I reminded myself I was there to help people, I pulled myself together, and soon was working at a makeshift hospital set up in front of the UN headquarters.”

As the extent of the damage from the January 12 earthquake became known, Dr. Evans Crevecoeur knew he had to go. He had last visited the country, where he was born and lived until he was 10 years old, in August, and had family there.

Affiliated with Jamaica Hospital and Omnicare Anesthesia, as well as Choices Women's Medical Center where he works as Director of Anesthesiology, Dr. Crevecoeur volunteered to go with the Red Cross. After Red Cross planes were canceled twice, he became impatient and arranged to go with a group based at the University of Miami School of Medicine, Project Medishare. Arriving on January 18 and bringing desperately needed medical supplies donated by Choices Women’s Medical Center, he stayed for over a week.


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