In our Winter '10 edition, On The Issues Magazine contributors train their eyes on women who fight for freedom, even at their own peril.   Banner art ©Christine Peloquin

The Courage of No
- by Merle Hoffman

Finding the genius of struggle against the assault on abortion and corruption of power. •Art by Christine Peloquin

Justice for Aung San Suu Kyi: End Male Power Structures - by Janet Benshoof

Women Nobel Laureates take action to put gender into human rights. •Art by Tamara Wyndham •Video

Convictions to Action: Lessons from Margaret Sanger - by Gloria Feldt

A birth control pioneer succeeded by making controversy her best friend. •Art by Linda Stein, Joan Barber •Audio

Esther Chavez Cano Added Up the Devastation of Gender Violence - by Theresa Braine

When the murders of women were pushed aside, an accountant went to work. •Art by Meredith Bergmann

The On The Issues Video Arcade

Video captures the raucous moment when Dr. Rebecca Gomperts literally cuts the rope on anti-abortion attempts to block her boat Visit the video archive

Harriet’s Voice: A Writer and Her Inhabitation - by Karen Jones Meadows

There's no easy path when digging into enslavement with a tenacious fighter.

Facing Down Danger to Make Reproductive Freedom A Reality - by Mary Lou Greenberg and Eleanor Bader

Clinic owners struggle with threats and stigma to deliver women's healthcare •Art by Danielle Mailer •Videos

Film Review: Liberian Women Forge a Real-Life Lysistrata- A Review by Jaye Austin Williams

Looking through the complexity of peace in "Pray the Devil Back to Hell." •View the Trailer

Unlocking the Quiet Courage of Afghans - by Dr. Sakena Yacoobi

Opening minds when dim years of war have subjugated women.

MAHIN HASSIBI: Visionary Ideas, Thinking Out Loud - by the Editors

A sagacious contributor leaves final thoughts on martyrdom, adding to years of insight.

The Poet's Eye - From Poetry Co-Editor Judith Arcana

© Miriam Schapiro Passion, Freedom & Women OTI Online Winter 2010
©Christine Peloquin

Poets express the vastness of women's courage.  •Art by Christine Peloquin

With the Understanding of Gandhi, Aminatou Put Her Life on the Line - by Barbara Becker

A hunger strike and world support move a desert kingdom, but challenges still lie ahead. •Art by Ellen Pliskin

Wonder Woman: A Comic Book Character Shows the Way - by Linda Stein

With her magic lasso from Aphrodite and Athena, our heroine fears no evil. •Video

In The Act Alone: German Resistance to the Nazi Movement - by Cynthia L. Cooper

In the darkest of times, women of conviction refuse to be silent. •Art by Diana Kurz

The Art Perspective- Curated by Linda Stein

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Featuring the Art of Miriam Schapiro: a mini-retrospective of an artist whose life and work fight for democratization of art.

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From the On The Issues Print Archive

A Conversation with Earth First! Activist Judi Bari
by Christine Keyser

On The Issues Magazine
Summer 1991

The spirit of Mother Jones lives on today in the backwoods of Northern California. The North Coast's most eloquent anti-chainsaw organizer, Earth First's! Judi Bari, is back at work defending the ancient forests from corporate slaughter after surviving a crippling car bomb in Oakland last May and the FBI's subsequent attempt to pin the blame on her and her companion Darryl Cherney. Just as the grandmother of the American labor movement fought King Coal a century ago, Bari has taken on the Big Timber barons armed with a bullhorn and a diehard credo, "No Compromise in Defense of Mother Earth."


From Our Files:

In previous issues, both online and in print, On The Issues Magazine has interviewed and written about many women whose passionate commitment to freedom and justice has motivated them to risk personal safety and even their very lives. They are from many countries and different backgrounds, and their examples continue to challenge others to live lives that make a difference.

JíAccuse! by Laura Flanders, Spring 1995

Laura Flanders reports on a daring meeting in Port-au-Prince to gather testimony against military rapists in 1995 after the return of President Aristide to Haiti.

"Despite the risks, the women testified in detail, describing their attackers, streets, dates, times of day. Some had been raped in front of their children, some alone; some in their own homes, some in abandoned shacks. Some had been forced to submit in order to protect their kids. Geraldine told her story, angry but confident that change was on its way.


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