Activism issue of On The Issues Magazine; Fall 2011
Speaking out, raising banners, uploading ideas - new & old activists are stepping up. On The Issues Magazine Fall 2011 explores progressive & feminist inspiration.
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ACTIVISM! - by the Editors

Creating ideas, reaching out, offering inspiration: progressive and feminist activists are fired up.

Unfurling the Progressive Banner: Where We Are - by Leslie Cagan

Five essentials to moving forward today. •Art by Melanie Cervantes and Jesus Barraza

Marcha de las Putas: SlutWalking Crosses Global Divides - by Stephanie Gilmore

Worldwide marches reject excuses for rape. •Video

Getting Over the Online v Offline Debate - by Amanda Marcotte

You can't make an impact without technology AND face time.

Heather Ault: Visualizing 4000 Years of Choice - by Eleanor Bader

Devoted to reproductive justice, an artist is BFF to clinics. •Art by Heather Ault

Heather Ault

Food for The Soul: Poetry That Pierces Injustice - by Sarah Browning

Creativity frees the mind to imagine new solutions. •Video

Stories Matter: How to Power Up Your Activism - by Thaler Pekar

Use compelling real-world experiences to win allies. •Art by AchtungFittor

Book Corner: Feminist Press Picks Five Top Activist Reads - by Elizabeth Koke and Glynnis King

Hope in guides on ending harassment & celebrating grassroots accomplishments.

Challenging People to Think: Activism for Atheism - by Sunsara Taylor

Religious myths hinder real-world solutions.

Letter to a Young Activist: Left to Learn from the ‘60s - by Laura Whitehorn

We need to help revolutionaries behind bars in the U.S.•Art by Helène Aylon

Taking A Stand Against Ageism at All Ages: A Powerful Coalition - by Margaret Morganroth Gullette

Generational prejudice must be swept away. •Art by Cathy Cade

Our Little Light: Letter From A Young Activist - by Lindsey Hennawi

Learning to stand up for what's right begins at home. •Art by Melanie Cervantes

Patient Power - The Reluctant Revolution - by Merle Hoffman

Intimate Wars‚ Book Excerpt: How women in stirrups rejected medical arrogance.

"Business, Money and Power"
On The Issues Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Merle Hoffman talks about "Business, Money and Power."

Sexual Rights: Advocating for Vibrant Reframing - by Juhu Thukral

How GLBT, anti-violence, sex work & choice are connected. •Art by Rajkamal Kahlon

Occupy Wall Street in Oakland Occupy Wall Street in Oakland Occupy Wall Street in Oakland Occupy Wall Street in Oakland Occupy Wall Street in Oakland Occupy Wall Street in Oakland Occupy Wall Street in Oakland Occupy Wall Street in Oakland Occupy Wall Street in Oakland Occupy Wall Street in Oakland

Feminists at Occupy Oakland, November 2, 2011
Photos by Judith Mirkinson

Filming Against Odds: Undocumented Youth “Come Out” With Their Dreams - by Anne Galisky

Desperate to end immigrant turmoil, the screen becomes a tool.

What Every Woman Should Know - by Susie Cagle

Graphic journalism shows the truth about anti-choice pregnancy centers.

Every Woman Should Know

Speak Out: Sharing Passions, Tips, Techniques - by Gabrielle Korn

What moves you? Jennifer Baumgardner, Samhita Mukhopadhyay, Jaclyn Friedman, Sarah Elspeth Patterson, Catherine Sameh & Sarah Morison respond. •Art by Favianna Rodriguez

No Stopping: From Pom-Poms to Saving Women's Bodies - by Carol Downer

An abortion rights pioneer keeps moving on her action path. •Art by Heather Ault

Teaching Feminism in High School: Moving from Theory to Action - by Ileana Jiménez

Picking up on multiple oppressions, teens get involved. •Video

The Art Perspective

Guerrilla Girls
- Curated by Linda Stein

Anonymous artists use humor & art to expose sexism.

The Poet's Eye - From Poetry Co-Editor Judith Arcana

E. F. Schraeder, Lynnel Jones, Sondra Zeidenstein,Toi Derricotte and Ursula K. Le Guin look into the eyes of the stalwart.

Fiction: A Basket of Biscuits - by Michael angel Johnson

A girl discovers the secret activism of the "help." •Art by Rajkamal Kahlon

Student Think Tank

Student Think Tank

What's the next generation doing? Students send answers to On The Issues Magazine.

From the On The Issues Print Archive

From Our Files:

RELATED STORIES: Many Faces of Activism in On the Issues Magazine

From its first appearance in 1983, On the Issues Magazine has been a publication of activism, as well as analysis and commentary. That’s only fitting since from the era of Ronald Reagan to that of Barack Obama, there has been no respite from the need for raised voices and determined acts.

In 1989, publisher Merle Hoffman interviewed and Patricia Golan profiled U.S. political prisoner Susan Rosenberg in America’s Most Dangerous Woman?. Rosenberg was serving a 58-year sentence for the possession of arms and explosives -- a sentence more than 10 times the national average for such offenses. (In 2001 after 16 years in prison and 12 years after the story ran in On The Issues Magazine, Rosenberg’s sentence was commuted by then-President Bill Clinton.)


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