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As the U.S. approaches a decade of war, what are feminist writers and artists thinking? On The Issues Magazine Summer 2011 probes peace activism and war reality.
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Women, War and Peace - by the Editors

Feminists and progressives ponder their roles in the longest period of war in U.S. history.

Gender Values: The Costs of War- by Susan Feiner

Astronomical expenditures steal from women’s jobs and choices. •Art by Elise Engler

A Feminist Looks at Masculine Rage and the Haditha Massacre - by Kathleen Barry

Only a cultural shift will stop unspeakable crimes in combat or at home. •Art by Grace Graupe-Pillard

Peace is a Human Right: Give Us Women Who Get It - by Cora Weiss

Stopping rape in war is not enough: stop warmaking. •Art by Patricia Dahlman

Photo Essay: Women and Girls in Conflict Zones - by Ann Jones

©Ann Jones

The Cruel Lie: Bombing To Liberate Women - by Debra Sweet

A heartbreaking and infuriating downward spiral for Afghan women. •Art by Anna Jurinich and Elise Engler

Finding Hope: Reweaving -- Then and Now - by Pam McAllister

Telling our stories of courage can keep our spirits alive. •Art by Regina Silvers

Books of Note: War and Peace - by The Feminist Press

Memoir, non-fiction, theater: authors expand world views with good reads.

All Wars Are Intimate Wars - by Merle Hoffman

After the 9/11 attacks, the public faces the same feeling of terror as abortion providers; a book excerpt. •Art by Anna Jurinich

©Anna Jurinich

War Resisters Inject Truth into Military Recruitment - by Eleanor J. Bader

School outreach exposes how promises evaporate for service members. •Art by Elise Engler

Next "Wave" Peace Activists Pour Feminism into the Mix - by Jean Stevens

Friends duck away, but some find gender in the anti-war frame. •Art by Janeil Engelstad and Rumiel Rothschild

Paradoxes of Women in Uniform Take Deep Listening - by Chris Lombardi

U.S. servicewomen face hostility but crack barriers. •Art by Coco Fusco

The Art Perspective

Frances Jetter
- Curated by Linda Stein

Printmaking cuts into the hypocrisy of war.

Violence Against Women Surges When War Is "Done" - by Yifat Susskind

Grassroots groups in Guatemala and Iraq try to roll back shameful gender damage. •Art by Julie Frankel

The Poet's Eye - From Poetry Co-Editor Sarah Browning

Poets Lisa Suhair Majaj, Kathy Engel, Meg Hamill and Carmen Calatayud light flames of memory and trails of hope.

Top Ten: Three Years of Stories That Grabbed Readers - by Gabrielle Korn

Reality, media representations and 21st century sex get juices flowing.

Fighting to Gratify a Sex Instinct? War Attitudes Vary by Gender - by Lori Adelman

Women show more aversion to military strikes and casualties. •Art by Maureen Cummins

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From Our Files:

RELATED STORIES: Women, War & Peace

On the Issues Magazine has featured articles about war – many different wars – and what war means for women, along with the dreams of peace. Here are some stories from our archives -- online (2009-2011) and in print (1983-99).

Study War No More – The Price of Conscience by Marlene C. Piturro, Summer 1994, profiled one courageous woman, Yolanda Huet-Vaughn, MD, an army medic who refused orders to be deployed during the first Gulf War.

After Huet-Vaughn went AWOL, she went public, saying: "I am refusing orders to be an accomplice in what I consider an immoral, inhumane, and unconstitutional act, namely an offensive military mobilization in the Middle East. My oath as a citizen soldier to defend the Constitution, my oath as a physician to preserve life and prevent disease, and my responsibility as a human being to the preservation of this planet would be violated if I cooperate with Operation Desert Shield."


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