The DAY AFTER issue of On The Issues Magazine; Fall 2012
Success on equality and justice takes activism in every season -- in and beyond elections. Our writers and thinkers zoom in on core concerns and ideas for our future in On The Issues Magazine Fall 2012.

The DAY AFTER: On The Issues Magazine - by the Editors

What about the other 364 days? Making feminist and progressive voices heard beyond the campaign season. •Art by Barbara Ellmann

I Was Warned About Stop Patriarchy
by Mary Lou Singleton

I’ll never forget the excitement I felt the day I came home and found a note from my husband saying, “Joan from Stop Patriarchy called.”  Before this, I had no idea that a group called Stop Patriarchy existed, but I did know immediately that I wanted to talk to these people. Earlier in the year I had signed my name to an online statement of support for abortion on demand and without apology.… MORE

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Living Up to "The New Deal": Half the Nation Is Still Waiting - by Susan F. Feiner

Instead of dismantling FDR’s economic rights, we should be shoring them up for women. •Art by Dorothy Simpson Krause

The Art Perspective

Kate Millett
- Curated by Linda Stein

Social activist, writer, artist: a mini-retrospective

Our Feminist Media Road Trip: Time to Take the Wheel - by Jennifer L. Pozner

Amassed ownership and misogyny are stalling equality in our information society. •Art by Georganne Aldrich Heller

The Abortion Rights Looking Glass: Canada Reflects Women First - by Nick van der Graaf

Continuous stoking of pro-choice consciousness keeps the antis away in north country. •Art by Norma Bessouet

Can Black Women Lead on Rethinking Marriage? - by Dani McClain

Being single shouldn’t be penalized. •Art by Sophia Nahli

The Book Corner: Women Define the Agenda, Find the Power - by Samuel Huber and the Feminist Press

Bold authors keep our eyes on ongoing needs and inclusive solutions.

50 Shades Of Grey, Erotica and the Bondage Craze- by Elizabeth Black

Zipping open their e-books, women feast on old-fashioned sexual power. •Art by Stacie Scott

Silos No More: Shaping Alliances for Reproductive Justice - by Susan Yanow

Conservative attacks on family planning and civil rights call for unified pushback.

Nurses Unionize to Heal the System - by Eleanor J. Bader

Organizers fight for wages for themselves -- and for Medicare for all. •Art by Zoe Hawk

Fracking's Health Calamities Left to Fester - by Jan Goodwin

Natural gas drilling is killing us, but political backbone is in short supply. •Art by Sara Klar

Broken Politics: Republicans Assail Suffrage Itself - by Tanya Melich

Feminists inadvertently missed the rug being pulled out: time to recalibrate. •Art by Georganne Aldrich Heller

Georganne Aldrich Heller
©Georganne Aldrich Heller

Getting Closer to the Levers of Power - by Diane Vacca

The march to political parity takes persistence and winners who pay back. •Art by Barbara Rachko

Victims of Gender Violence Find Solutions Slipping Away - by Juhu Thukral

Stopping real-world harm needs passionate leadership at the top. •Art by Marcia Yerman

Standing Our Ground: Going Beyond Maslow's Basic Needs - by Mary E. Plouffe

A four-step plan will keep feminists moving forward, no matter what. •Art by Joan Fine

Fukushima's Hot Water: Now Fallout in Our Kitchens? - by Kimberly Roberson

Why nuclear radiation dangers mount under bipartisan blind spots. •Art by Carole Feuerman

No Dancing: The Right Aims to Take Down Sexual Liberation - by Amanda Marcotte

Disdain for gay sex and women’s freedom undergirds the reactionary agenda. •Art by Carole Feuerman

The Poet's Eye - From Poetry Co-Editor Sarah Browning

Enduring mysteries and dreams in four poems from Zohra Saed, Janice Lynch Schuster, Sonja de Vries and Linda Hogan.

On The Issues Magazine - Audrey Frank Anastasi©Andrea Arroyo

Global "Security" Equals Human Security and Gender Rights - by Jamie Hagen

Peace around the world can only be sustained with women’s participation. •Art by Alette Simmons-Jimenez

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RELATED STORIES: The DAY AFTER in On The Issues Magazine

Challenging the personal, political and economic realities of women and pushing toward a more liberatory future is the essence of many discussions in On The Issues Magazine, both in print (1983-99) and online (2008 on). As our current edition notes, The Day After the elections, women will need to keep moving beyond the bonds of what is "possible" and go for "it all" in order to take control of their futures and the future of their loved ones, communities and, yes, the whole world. Below is a selection of our past writings that lend insight into the next act and what to do.

The Politics of the Possible, Winter 1994 by Katherine Eban Finkelstein. Writer Finkelstein looks at the successes and disappointments for women from another president then running for re-election -- Bill Clinton -- and offers clues for feminist strategy today:

"The question now is not 'What can Clinton do for us?' but 'What can we do to ensure that women really make gains under the new administration?'


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