Women In Sports issue of On The Issues Magazine; Spring 2012
The 40th Anniversary of Title IX and the XXX Olympiad in London in 2012 prompt writers & thinkers to take a look at the history, culture and role of women and sports in On The Issues Magazine Spring 2012.

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Listen, Really, I Mean It: Sick of Kids' Sports
by Phyllis Lombardi

September 6, 2012

Can I be honest here?  Get ready, this might be fresh at times.
I am so sick of organized sports...I can just well, write about  it!

Has anyone stepped back and realized just how crazy the organized sports part of our kids lives has gotten? How we let this go so far?
When I was a kid, I know I sound like an old lady. ... But seriously… MORE

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Women In Sports: On The Issues Magazine - by the Editors

Sports are everywhere. So are gender issues. We mix 1+1 for fascinating results. •Art by Robin Hextrum and Audrey Frank Anastasi

Olympics' Coverage Still Shortchanges Female Athletes - by Jane Schonberger

When it comes to airtime, doting on skills and money, guess who's not winning?

Winning the Sports Beat: Female Writers Need Wide Angle Lens - by Marie Hardin

Research shows journalistic advancement is uniquely tied to gains on the field. •Art by Kate Walker

The Art Perspective

Karen Shaw
- Curated by Linda Stein

Challenging stereotypes by dissembling sports gear.

Nine Titles Thinking About Title IX - by Rachel Toor

Scrolling through nine reasons women don't become athletes … and then do.

Bodies in Motion: Physical Females Face Different Risks - by Eleanor J. Bader

The sports world is booming – and so are concerns about injuries. •Art by Joan Barber

Women On High: The Price of Passion at the Roof of the World - by Jennifer Jordan

Telling the tales of women who spare no risk climbing K2.

Becoming Glory: Kicking Goals to Transcend the Night, A Memoir - by Christine Stark

A young woman finds the resilience to survive. •Art by Loren Ellis

Opening Historic Trails: Accidental Heroes Stomp Sports Inequity - by Risa Isard

How a professor's search for job fairness pushed open the locker room door. •Art by Tracy Spencer-Stonestreet

Why Sex Segregation Is Bad for Society - by Alex Channon

One man's exploration of martial arts shows the value of cross gender participation.

The Rise and Fall and Possible Rise of Women’s Pro Soccer - by Tim Grainey

Despite spectacular success on the field, women pros have a tough time in the U.S. •Video

Athletically Disinclined: My Counterpoint - by Gabrielle Korn

Trying to find the root of sports dislike brings out some uncomfortable truths. •Art by Linda Stein

Leaping, Racing, Spearing: The Female Athlete Amazes in Myth - by Laura A. Shamas

Inspirational figures mirror the potency of women in the fight for self and our causes. •Art by Elyse Taylor

Athletes and Magazine Spreads: Does Sexy Mean Selling Out? - by Laura Pappano

If a strip shot pays the bills, so what? Now can we get back to the game? •Art by Robin Hextrum and Laureen Griffin

Jen Sorensen cartoon on On The Issues Magaazine
©Jen Sorensen - Click for Larger

Who Owns Sports? Dissecting the Politics of Title IX - by Martha Burk

The disastrous belief that men own athletics steals from women's progress. •Art by Paulina Little

Yoga Frontiers: Women Shape Practices in Exceptional Ways - by Molly M. Ginty

From Occupy to prisons, yoga brings body and mind exercise to women's lives. •Art by Barrie Karp

Rules Put Extreme Pressure On Transsexual Players - by Lindsay Parks Pieper

Athletes need space for gender expression beyond strict Olympic categories. •Art by Robin Hextrum

Curious Tension: Feminism and the Sporting Woman - by Susan J. Bandy

Why don’t more American academics and activists support sisters-in-sport? •Art by Linda Stein

On The Issues Magazine - Linda Stein©Linda Stein

Aspiring for Medals: Watching New Gymnastic Generations - by Zerlina Maxwell

A young athlete never made it to Olympic level, but can now share the awe. •Art by Emma Amos

Girls, Women, Sports: What to Read - by Chané Jones and The Feminist Press

Taking risks, being strong and sharing stories of peak moments in good books.

Goalposts: Tackling the Last Bastion of Male Monopoly - by Andrew D. Linden

Do women really have to play in bras and panties to spiral a touchdown?

A Soccer Dad Faces Parenting, Coaching and Dreams - by Mauricio Espinoza

Does a game really make a bond? A man's exploration of memory and reality.

Films Lag in Sharing The Women's Game - by Ariel Dougherty

Sports make great stories and vivid filmmaking: so why are they limited by gender? •Video

Cheering or Being Cheered? My Daughter’s Cheerleading Adventure - by Lu Bailey

Wondering about the message for girls when only the boys get rah-rah-rah. •Art by Emma Amos

The Poet's Eye - From Poetry Co-Editor Judith Arcana

Warm, alive, high fives & some mercy -- poetry of Kathleen Aguero, Judith Barrington, Carolyn Martin, and Penelope Scambly Schott.

On The Issues Magazine - Audrey Frank Anastasi©Audrey Frank Anastasi

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Sports – women have been active participants through the ages. But, relative to men, sports have been only a sometime-thing for many women. The articles we ran in On the Issues Magazine, while fewer in number than other topics, were provocative and revelatory.

Facing the Dragon: Reflections on Female Heroism, Winter 1997, by Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Merle Hoffman explored the question of female heroism by looking at the experiences of two intrepid women mountain climbers, Alison Hargreaves and Sandy Pittman.


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