Women In Sports issue of On The Issues Magazine; Spring 2012
The 40th Anniversary of Title IX and the XXX Olympiad in London in 2012 prompt writers & thinkers to take a look at the history, culture and role of women and sports in On The Issues Magazine Spring 2012.
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Women In Sports: On The Issues Magazine - by the Editors

Sports are everywhere. So are gender issues. We mix 1+1 for fascinating results. •Art by Robin Hextrum and Audrey Frank Anastasi

Olympics' Coverage Still Shortchanges Female Athletes - by Jane Schonberger

When it comes to airtime, doting on skills and money, guess who's not winning?

Winning the Sports Beat: Female Writers Need Wide Angle Lens - by Marie Hardin

Research shows journalistic advancement is uniquely tied to gains on the field. •Art by Kate Walker

The Art Perspective

Karen Shaw
- Curated by Linda Stein

Challenging stereotypes by dissembling sports gear.

Nine Titles Thinking About Title IX - by Rachel Toor

Scrolling through nine reasons women don't become athletes … and then do.

Bodies in Motion: Physical Females Face Different Risks - by Eleanor J. Bader

The sports world is booming – and so are concerns about injuries. •Art by Joan Barber

Women On High: The Price of Passion at the Roof of the World - by Jennifer Jordan

Telling the tales of women who spare no risk climbing K2.

Becoming Glory: Kicking Goals to Transcend the Night, A Memoir - by Christine Stark

A young woman finds the resilience to survive. •Art by Loren Ellis

Opening Historic Trails: Accidental Heroes Stomp Sports Inequity - by Risa Isard

How a professor's search for job fairness pushed open the locker room door. •Art by Tracy Spencer-Stonestreet

Why Sex Segregation Is Bad for Society - by Alex Channon

One man's exploration of martial arts shows the value of cross gender participation.

The Rise and Fall and Possible Rise of Women’s Pro Soccer - by Tim Grainey

Despite spectacular success on the field, women pros have a tough time in the U.S. •Video

Athletically Disinclined: My Counterpoint - by Gabrielle Korn

Trying to find the root of sports dislike brings out some uncomfortable truths. •Art by Linda Stein

Leaping, Racing, Spearing: The Female Athlete Amazes in Myth - by Laura A. Shamas

Inspirational figures mirror the potency of women in the fight for self and our causes. •Art by Elyse Taylor

Athletes and Magazine Spreads: Does Sexy Mean Selling Out? - by Laura Pappano

If a strip shot pays the bills, so what? Now can we get back to the game? •Art by Robin Hextrum and Laureen Griffin

Jen Sorensen cartoon on On The Issues Magaazine
©Jen Sorensen - Click for Larger

Who Owns Sports? Dissecting the Politics of Title IX - by Martha Burk

The disastrous belief that men own athletics steals from women's progress. •Art by Paulina Little

Yoga Frontiers: Women Shape Practices in Exceptional Ways - by Molly M. Ginty

From Occupy to prisons, yoga brings body and mind exercise to women's lives. •Art by Barrie Karp

Rules Put Extreme Pressure On Transsexual Players - by Lindsay Parks Pieper

Athletes need space for gender expression beyond strict Olympic categories. •Art by Robin Hextrum

Curious Tension: Feminism and the Sporting Woman - by Susan J. Bandy

Why don’t more American academics and activists support sisters-in-sport? •Art by Linda Stein

On The Issues Magazine - Linda Stein©Linda Stein

Aspiring for Medals: Watching New Gymnastic Generations - by Zerlina Maxwell

A young athlete never made it to Olympic level, but can now share the awe. •Art by Emma Amos

Girls, Women, Sports: What to Read - by Chané Jones and The Feminist Press

Taking risks, being strong and sharing stories of peak moments in good books.

Goalposts: Tackling the Last Bastion of Male Monopoly - by Andrew D. Linden

Do women really have to play in bras and panties to spiral a touchdown?

A Soccer Dad Faces Parenting, Coaching and Dreams - by Mauricio Espinoza

Does a game really make a bond? A man's exploration of memory and reality.

Films Lag in Sharing The Women's Game - by Ariel Dougherty

Sports make great stories and vivid filmmaking: so why are they limited by gender? •Video

Cheering or Being Cheered? My Daughter’s Cheerleading Adventure - by Lu Bailey

Wondering about the message for girls when only the boys get rah-rah-rah. •Art by Emma Amos

The Poet's Eye - From Poetry Co-Editor Judith Arcana

Warm, alive, high fives & some mercy -- poetry of Kathleen Aguero, Judith Barrington, Carolyn Martin, and Penelope Scambly Schott.

On The Issues Magazine - Audrey Frank Anastasi©Audrey Frank Anastasi

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Sports – women have been active participants through the ages. But, relative to men, sports have been only a sometime-thing for many women. The articles we ran in On the Issues Magazine, while fewer in number than other topics, were provocative and revelatory.

Facing the Dragon: Reflections on Female Heroism, Winter 1997, by Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Merle Hoffman explored the question of female heroism by looking at the experiences of two intrepid women mountain climbers, Alison Hargreaves and Sandy Pittman.


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