Abortion issue of On The Issues Magazine; Winter 2012
What's next for women's autonomy? To mark four decades of women exercising the right to abortion, our contributors share ideas & actions in On The Issues Magazine Winter 2012.
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Abortion: On The Issues Magazine - by the Editors

Abortion is a matter of the heart. Also law, medicine, politics, history, health, activism, art, liberation, bodily autonomy and self-worth. We probe. •Art by Resa Blatman

Gone Too Far? Reproductive Politics in the Time of Obama - by Carole Joffe

Setbacks just might launch the resurgence of pro-choice activism. •Art by Regina Araujo Corritore

The Grand Folly of Focusing on "Common Ground" - by Gloria Feldt

Guess what? Two clashing worldviews of women do not make a right. •Art by Elaine Soto

An Abortion Miracle? Let's Try the First Amendment - by Priscilla Smith

A Supreme Court litigator suggests a change of tune. •Art by Lisa Link

The Art Perspective

Ursula O’Farrell
- Curated by Linda Stein

A California-based painter expresses the inner struggles of women to reach empowerment.

Helping Bloggers To Help: Tips for Reproductive Health Organizations - by Amanda Marcotte

If it's a movement, start connecting with the connected. •Art by Heather Keith Freeman

Occupying the Waiting Room: 40 Years of Health Care Needs - by Lori Adelman

Pregnancy termination is ultra common, but who and how has shifted. •Art by Melissa Eder

Can We Choose to Move Forward on Reproductive Justice? -- And How? - by Ayesha Chatterjee and Judy Norsigian

We need to expand our inner circles and spread on out. •Art by Lisa Link

Before “Roe": Legal Battles, Involuntary Servitude, My Mom - by Justine Goodman

Learning feminist history from a source close to home. •Art by Marianne Barcellona

What To Do When They Say Holocaust - by Carol Mason

Pushing back against an opposition that distorts. •Art by Linda Carmella Sibio

We're Not Sorry. Still. - by Jennifer Baumgardner

Controversial or not, the refusal to be apologetic is urgent. •Video

Redefining Chutzpah: More Bad Ideas to Burden Women - by Aram A. Schvey

Surprise: Congress has a "fix" for nonexistent race selection. •Art by Heather Keith Freeman

The Power of Theater: "Words of Choice" Touches Hearts - by Alexis Greene

Actors break through rhetoric to share honest truth. •Art by Words of Choice

Heading Toward Menopause, Still Caring about Abortion - by Andrea Plaid

Stop the stereotyping (oh, and I really do not want a baby). •Art by Heather Keith Freeman

Calling Black LGBTQ Institutions: Where Are You? Where is Reproductive Justice? - by Jasmine Burnett

Show up. Show solidarity. Show you care about oppression. •Art by Jessica Burke

Reframing Compassionate Care: Of Madame Restell and Other Outlaws - by Jeannie Ludlow

Illegal wasn't always bad, and complexity isn't either. •Art by Carol Jacobsen

As Access Slides, Feminists Need to "Extract" From Our Self-Help Past - by Carol Downer

How we won the war, and will win it again. •Art by Robin Tewes

Where the Reality of Abortion Resides: Intimate Wars - by Merle Hoffman

In two words -- "if only" -- patients probe deepest values. Excerpt from the book, "Intimate Wars." •Art by Barbara Schaefer

"Business, Money and Power"
On The Issues Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Merle Hoffman talks about "Business, Money and Power."

Abortionomics: When Choice Is A Necessity - by the Editors

A new study reveals pressures on reproductive decision-making during an economic downturn.

Ursula O'Farrell Art Perspective on OTI
Mat Bors ©2012 Used by permission of Universal Uclick for UFS. All rights reserved.

Anti-Abortion Harassment and Violence Still Stifle Access - by Eleanor J. Bader

Targeting an 11-year-old? Viciousness that knows no bounds. •Art by Lisa Link

Glorifying the Fetus While Ignoring the Fetal Environment - by Margie Kelly

Mercury, lead, BPA: will antis address harm-in-the-womb? •Art by Linda Carmella Sibio

Next Generation Access: Medical Students Fill A Void - by Mary Lou Greenberg

Training new physicians is essential for future abortion care. •Art by Karen Fitzgerald

Letter to a Young Activist: Don’t Drop the Banner - by Barbara Santee

Whatever your career, we want you -- now and forever. •Art by Susan Bee

On The Issues Magazine - Susan Bee©Susan Bee

How Anti-Abortion Protesters Got Me: Letter From a Young Activist - by Sarah Flint Erdreich

We're discouraged -- and we're not backing down. •Art by Susan Bee

Privacy at Stake: Patients, Clinics and Electronic Medical Records - by Corinne A. Carey

Digital record craze needs new rules to protect abortion decisions. •Art by Barbara Schaefer

Lila Rose: A Sweet Face to Accompany Extreme Anti-Abortion Claims - by Kathryn Joyce

She's young, sincere … and she wants to pulverize your freedom. •Art by Chitra Ganesh

"Silent Choices": African American Women Open Up on Film - by Faith Pennick

A friend's dismissive comment begins a quest to respond. •Video

Fine Thoughts On Fertilized Personhood - Poetry by Marge Piercy
- Cartoon by Matt Bors

Matt Bors
©Matt Bors

The Poet's Eye - From Poetry Co-Editor Sarah Browning

Judith Arcana, Sonya Renee Taylor, Johnna Schmidt, Melissa Tuckey and Katherine Anderson Howell measure moments of give and take.

Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge on Abortion - by Ria Sen and The Feminist Press

Selections for the well-stocked library on abortion.

Satirist's View: Same Old Dilemma, or The Virgin Rebirth - by Susie Day

Mary's sending western civilization a pink slip. •Art by Heather Keith Freeman

"Love Means Second Chances": Reproductive Freedom in a Novel - by Susan Elizabeth Davis

An activist dives in and discovers nuance.

Student Think Tank

Student Think TankWhat's the next generation thinking? About the history of lesbians in the military; a response to "Women, War & Peace" in On The Issues Magazine.

From the On The Issues Print Archive

From Our Files:

RELATED STORIES: Bold Discussions of ABORTION in On The Issues Magazine

On the Issues Magazine has been linked with abortion – in theory and practice – since its first issue in 1983 as a newsletter of Choices Women's Medical Center. Since then, the magazine, in print and online, has spoken boldly about the essential right of women to make their own reproductive decisions, covering a wide range of subjects: morality, ethics, history, anti-abortion violence, law, artistic expressions. A large repository of past stories, available for free, are indexed in our archives. Below are excerpts from a few.

In 1990, a story by Mary Lou Greenberg, Another American Tragedy, The Death of Becky Bell, Interview with Bill and Karen Bell described the horrible consequences of a parental notification law: When Becky went to Planned Parenthood in Indianapolis, she learned that she couldn't get an abortion without the consent of at least one parent or a waiver from a judge. But she couldn't bear to tell her mother or father. And word on the street was that it was useless to go before the judge…. Becky Bell, as thousands of women and girls before her, was forced to seek an illegal abortion. Several days after Becky returned from a party feeling "sick," her parents took her to a hospital. The next day she died….Now her parents, Bill and Karen Bell, are …talking to whomever will listen about the killing nature of parental consent and notification laws.


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