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2012 Spring

Level the Playing Field: Girls, Women and Sports, 2012 Spring Edition of On The Issues Magazine Online

Bodies in Motion: Physical Females Face Different Risks by Eleanor J. Bader

Curious Tension: Feminism and the Sporting Woman by Susan J. Bandy

Cheering or Being Cheered? My Daughter's Cheerleading Adventure by Lu Bailey

Who Owns Sports? Dissecting the Politics of Title IX by Martha Burk

Why Sex Segregation Is Bad for Society by Alex Channonk

Films Lag in Sharing The Women's Game by Ariel Dougherty

A Soccer Dad Faces Parenting, Coaching and Dreams by Mauricio Espinoza

Yoga Frontiers: Women Shape Practices in Exceptional Ways by Molly M. Ginty

The Rise and Fall and Possible Rise of Women's Pro Soccer by Tim Grainey

Winning the Sports Beat: Female Writers Need Wide Angle Lens by Marie Hardin

Opening Historic Trails: Accidental Heroes Stomp Sports Inequity by Risa Isard

Girls, Women, Sports: What to Read - by Chané Jones and The Feminist Press

Women On High: The Price of Passion at the Roof of the World by Jennifer Jordan

Athletically Disinclined: My Counterpoint by Gabrielle Korn

Goalposts: Tackling the Last Bastion of Male Monopoly by Andrew D. Linden

Aspiring for Medals: Watching New Gymnastic Generations by Zerlina Maxwell

Athletes and Magazine Spreads: Does Sexy Mean Selling Out? by Laura Pappano

Rules Put Extreme Pressure On Transsexual Players by Lindsay Parks Pieper

Olympics' Coverage Still Shortchanges Female Athletes by Jane Schonberger

Leaping, Racing, Spearing: The Female Athlete Amazes in Myth by Laura A. Shamas

Becoming Glory: Kicking Goals to Transcend the Night, A Memoir by Christine Stark

Nine Titles Thinking About Title IX by Rachel Toor

From Our Archives: Related Stories on Girls, Women, Sports

The Poet's Eye From Poetry Co-Editor Judith Arcana

2012 Winter

The Conning of the Feminists, 2011 Winter Edition of On The Issues Magazine Online

Realities of The Waiting Room: Constantly Shifting by Lori Adelman

Anti-Abortion Harassment and Violence Still Stifle Access by Eleanor J. Bader

We're Not Sorry. Still. by Jennifer Baumgardner

The Poet's Eye From Poetry Co-Editor Sarah Browning

Calling Black LGBTQ Institutions: Where Are You? Where is Reproductive Justice? by Jasmine Burnett

Privacy at Stake: Patients, Clinics and Electronic Medical Records by Corinne A. Carey

Can We Choose Move Forward on Reproductive Justice? -- And How? by Ayesha Chatterjee and Judy Norsigian

"Love Means Second Chances": Reproductive Freedom in a Novel by Susan Elizabeth Davis

Satirist's View: Same Old Dilemma, or The Virgin Rebirth by Susie Day

As Access Slides, Feminists Need to "Extract" From Our Self-Help Past by Carol Downer

Abortion: On The Issues Magazine - by The Editors

How Anti-Abortion Protesters Got Me: Letter From a Young Activist by Sarah Flint Erdreich

The Grand Folly of Focusing on "Common Ground" by Gloria Feldt

Before "Roe": Legal Battles, Involuntary Servitude, My Mom by Justine Goodman

Next Generation Access: Medical Students Fill A Void by Mary Lou Greenberg

The Power of Theater: "Words of Choice" Touches Hearts by Alexis Greene

Where the Reality of Abortion Resides: Intimate Wars by Merle Hoffman

Gone Too Far? Reproductive Politics in the Time of Obama by Carole Joffe

Lila Rose: A Sweet Face to Accompany Extreme Anti-abortion Claims by Kathryn Joyce

Glorifying the Fetus While Ignoring the Fetal Environment by Margie Kelly

Reframing Compassionate Care: Of Madame Restell and Other Outlaws by Jeannie Ludlow

Helping Bloggers To Help: Tips for Reproductive Health Organizations by Amanda Marcotte

What To Do When They Say Holocaust by Carol Mason

"Silent Choices": African American Women Open Up on Film by Faith Pennick

Fine Thoughts On Fertilized Personhood by Marge Piercy

Heading Toward Menopause, Still Caring about Abortion by Andrea Plaid

Letter to a Young Activist: Don’t Drop the Banner by Barbara Santee

Redefining Chutzpah: More Bad Ideas to Burden Women by Aram A. Schvey

Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge on Abortion by Ria Sen and The Feminist Press

2011 Fall

The Conning of the Feminists, 2011 Winter Edition of On The Issues Magazine Online

The Poet's Eye From Poetry Co-Editor Judith Arcana

Heather Ault: Visualizing 4000 Years of Choice by Eleanor Bader

Food for The Soul: Poetry That Pierces Injustice by Sarah Browning

Unfurling the Progressive Banner: Where We Are by Leslie Cagan

What Every Woman Should Know by Susie Cagle

No Stopping: From Pom-Poms to Saving Women's Bodies by Carol Downer

Filming Against Odds: Undocumented Youth “Come Out” With Their Dreams by Anne Galisky

Marcha de las Putas: SlutWalking Crosses Global Divides by Stephanie Gilmore

Taking A Stand Against Ageism at All Ages: A Powerful Coalition by Margaret Morganroth Gullette

Teaching Feminism in High School: Moving from Theory to Action by Lindsey Hennawi

Patient Power - The Reluctant Revolution by Merle Hoffman

Our Little Light: Letter From A Young Activist by Ileana Jiménez

Fiction: A Basket of Biscuits by Michael angel Johnson

Book Corner: Feminist Press Picks Five Top Activist Reads by Elizabeth Koke and Glynnis King

Speak Out: Sharing Passions, Tips, Techniques by Gabrielle Korn

Getting Over the (#stale) Online v Offline Debate by Amanda Marcotte

Stories Matter: How to Power Up Your Activism by Thaler Pekar

The Art Perspective: Guerrilla Girls curated by Linda Stein

Student Think Tank

Challenging People to Think: Activism for Atheism by Sunsara Taylor

Sexual Rights: Advocating for Vibrant Reframing by Juhu Thukral

Letter to a Young Activist: Left to Learn from the ‘60s by Laura Whitehorn

Ending Wartime Rape Means Ending War and Patriarchy by Judith Avory Faucette

No Women, No Peace: Time to Change Peace Building by Shelagh Daley

Most Wanted: Meaningful Enforcement in the War Against Domestic Abuse by Madeline Lee Bryer

Challenging Militarism and Ending Violence Against Women by Keely Swan

Pushing Back Attacks on Artistic Freedom by Linda Stein

Haven Volunteers: An Immediate Impact on Abortion Care by Mary Lou Greenberg

The Populist Movement Reborn, At Last, In Occupy by Rosalyn Baxandall

Resilience Circles: Consciousness-Raising Groups for Tough Economic Times by Sarah Byrnes

Engaged Activism: Two Women Challenge Global Sex Trafficking by Gabrielle Korn

Saying No in Mississippi: No to Personhood, No to Voter Restrictions by Loretta J. Ross

2011 Summer

The Conning of the Feminists, 2011 Winter Edition of On The Issues Magazine Online

Fighting to Gratify a Sex Instinct? War Attitudes Vary by Gender by Lori Adelman

Poet’s Eye by Poetry Co-Editor Sarah Browning

War Resisters Inject Truth into Military Recruitment by Eleanor J. Bader

A Feminist Looks at Masculine Rage and the Haditha Massacre by Kathleen Barry

Women, War and Peace by the editors

Gender Values: The Costs of War by Susan Feiner

Books of Note: War and Peace by The Feminist Press

All Wars Are Intimate Wars by Merle Hoffman

The Art Perspective featuring Frances Jetter

Photo Essay: Women and Girls in Conflict Zones by Ann Jones

Featured Video: "Pioneering Women War Correspondents" by Milena Jovanovitch

Top Ten: Three Years of Stories That Grabbed Readers by Gabrielle Korn

Paradoxes of Women in Uniform Take Deep Listening by Chris Lombardi

Finding Hope: Reweaving -- Then and Now by Pam McAllister

Next "Wave" Peace Activists Pour Feminism into the Mix by Jean Stevens

Violence Against Women Surges When War Is "Done" by Yifat Susskind

The Cruel Lie: Bombing To Liberate Women by Debra Sweet

Peace is a Human Right: Give Us Women Who Get It by Cora Weiss

A Lesson From History: WWII and Fighting to Keep Women From Slavery by the Editors

Military Women: Unfair Denial of Abortion Access Needs to End by Marjorie Signer

Jeannette Rankin, Suffragist and Pacifist: She Speaks For Me by Jeanmarie Simpson

Trapped In The Story: Local Journalists Face Sexual Violence by Lauren Wolfe

Understanding the Myth: Why Cassandra Must Not be Silenced by Laura A. Shamas

Good News for Trans Veterans: New VA Health Care Guidelines by Autumn Sandeen

Afghan and Rwandan Women Entrepreneurs Seek Peace through Business by Dr. Terry Neese

Why I Wrote A War Novel by Helen Benedict

Fighting to Fight: Questioning the Battle of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" by Gabrielle Korn

2011 Spring

The Conning of the Feminists, 2011 Winter Edition of On The Issues Magazine Online

Tribute to Barbara Seaman: Triggering a revolution in women's health care

Nuclear Revival? Lessons for Women from the Three Mile Island Accident by Karen Charman

Snipping Pink Sentimentality: Persisting on the Whys of Breast Cancer by Eleanor J. Bader

Gulf Oil Drilling Disaster: Gendered Layers of Impact by Jacqui Patterson

Adding Environmental Footprints to Birth Control Choices by Laura Eldridge

Little Girl Lost: Early Puberty Hides Environmental Injustice by Michelle Chen

Swamped: Trying to Save Fragile Bodies by Molly M. Ginty

Moving the Silence: Rachel Carson’s Groundbreaking Work by Theresa Noll

Life’s Precious Trio: Women, Water and Health by Elayne Clift

Acting As If Future Generations Matter by Carolyn Raffensperger

A Tale of Two Nursing Mothers by Chanda Chevannes

Message in BPA Baby Bottles: Don't Mess with Moms by Margie Kelly

Mother Nature Gets Naughty: Eco-Friendly Sex Toys by Elizabeth Black

The Poet's Eye from Poetry Co-Editor Judith Arcana

Art Perspective featuring Mary Miss

Related Stories on Environmental Health from our Archives

Mother Nature Gets Naughty: Eco-Friendly Sex Toys by Elizabeth Black

Theo Colborn: Making Her Own Scientific Path by Cindy Cooper

Women's Rights, Human Rights and Climate Change by Cate Owren

For the Birds: My Personal Eco Activism by Catherine Gropper

Watershed Women: Self Help in India by Swapna Majumdar

Strong Families Love Unconditionally by Susan Lehman

Clean Up: Shareholder Activism Pushes Companies by Larissa Ruoff

Women in Tyvek: Hope in Nontraditional Green Jobs by Alexis Greene

Webs of Connection: Trees, Women, Activism by Marianne Schnall

Dirty Down There: The Selling of "Feminine" Products by Lu Bailey

2011 Winter

The Conning of the Feminists, 2011 Winter Edition of On The Issues Magazine Online

Lady Gaga: Celebrity Feminist? by Nona Willis Aronowitz

The Rise of Enlightened Sexism by Susan J. Douglas

Icons, Superheroes and Fantasies a Feminist Can Love? by Linda Stein

Reality TV (Re)Rewrites Gender Roles by Jennifer L. Pozner

'Feminists for Life': A built-in contradiction? by Eleanor J. Bader

'Abortion' as Right's Multipurpose Scare Word by Amanda Marcotte

Women's Liberation: Looking Back, Looking Forward by Carol Hanisch

Fighting the Black Anti-Abortion Campaign: Trusting Black Women by Loretta J. Ross

Next Chapter in the 'Republican War Against Women' by Tanya Melich

Not-so-New Right Wing Women By Abby Scher

Republicans Aim to 'Divide and Conquer' by Lu Bailey

Feminism Is As Feminism Does by Merle Hoffman

The Poet's Eye curated by Sarah Browning

The Art Perspective by Linda Stein presents Judy Chicago

The Sexual Politics of Meat Revisited by Theresa Noll

Looking Back at the Debate Over Feminism

The Conning of the Feminists by the Editors

The Cafe

Films that Inform Our Lives: Maybe Next Year?, Heather Cowherd

Are Women Missing in Literary Reviews?, Joan Tobin

Academic Feminisms: Gaining or Losing Ground?, Resa Crane Bizzaro

Controlling Women: Reasons to Worry About the Scott Sisters, Caroline Picker, Winter 2011 Cafe

Disappearing the Word "Rape," Stephanie Gilmore, Winter 2011 Cafe

Of Hallie Flanagan and Women Who Won't Be Silent, Alexis Greene, Winter 2011 Cafe

Feminists Lose Ground Working With Social Conservatives on Trafficking, Melis, Winter 2011 Cafe

Roe v. Wade 38th Anniversary: A Time for Celebration – and Commitment, Merle Hoffman, Winter 2011 Cafe

Dangerous Con: How the Right-Wing Attracts Women, Helen Gilbert, Winter 2011 Cafe

Love and Creative Genius: A Feminist's Most Potent Weapons, Inga Muscio

Stop Murder and Violence Against Sex Workers, Melissa Sontag Broudo and Rache

"No Easy Decision": MTV Takes On Abortion, Sarah Flint Erdreich

2010 Summer
Equality, How much further away, 2010 Summer Edition of On The Issues Magazine Online

About EQUALITY: How much further away? from the Editors

"Little Marie": The Daily Toll of Sexist Language by Marie Shear

Good Girls, Bad Girls: The Kinkiness of Slut-Shaming by Elizabeth Black

Snood by Snood, Tight-Knit Orthodox Piety Loosens Up by Eleanor J. Bader

Women Challenge Gender Apartheid in the Catholic Church by Angela Bonavoglia

Alright Then, Let Men Compete by Megan Carpentier

Beyond Equality to Liberation by Mary Lou Greenberg

Say "I Do": Constitutional Equality is Forever by Carolyn A. Cook

Best City for Working Women: In Our Checkbooks by Beverly Cooper Neufeld

Featured Video: "Equality Under The Hood" by Ann Farmer

Health Inequality: Gates Foundation Bans Abortion by Marcy Bloom

Girls Kick: Moving the Media's World Cup Goal Posts by Ariel Dougherty

From Our Files on Equality

Gender Equality: Devil in the Details by Cindy Cooper

Defeating Racism and Sexism with the Politics of Authenticity by Lu Bailey

The Poet’s Eye curated by Judith Arcana

The Art Perspective presents a mini-retrospective of the art of Regina Frank

The Cafe

UnCUT/VOICES: Unequivocally Against Female Genital Mutilation by Tobe Levin

In His Shorts: What Happened to Male Birth Control? by Laura Eldridge

Equally Expendable: Looking at Men and War through a Feminist Paradigm by Kathleen Barry

Double Standards in Economic and Political Clout by Juhu Thukral

A Radical Look at the Question of Equality by Helen Gilbert

Gloria Feldt's "No Excuses" and Ways for Women to Think about Power by Theresa Noll


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