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Authors of Articles in the Online Edition of On The Issues Magazine (alphabetically by last name).


Carol J. Adams
-- Terrorizing the Loved Pets of Women, Fall 2008

Lori Adelman
--Occupying the Waiting Room: 40 Years of Health Care Needs, Winter 2012 Cafe

--Fighting to Gratify a Sex Instinct? War Attitudes Vary by Gender, Summer 2011

Cathy Albisa
-- The Terror of Loving and Losing, Fall 2008

Judy Gumbo Alpert
--My Body, My Story: In Memory of Dr. Tiller, Spring 2009, Cafe

Lakshmi Anantnarayan
--Safeguarding the Rights of Prostituted Women, Summer 2008, Cafe

Katrina Anderson and Cynthia Soohoo

-- High Rates of HIV and STDs Show the US is Flouting Teens’ Human Rights, May 2008, Cafe

Judith Arcana
--The Poet's Eye, Spring/Summer 2012

--Being A Jane: Past, Present and Future Tense, Winter 2012, Cafe

-- The Poet's Eye, Fall 2011

--The Poet's Eye, Spring 2011

-- Grace Paley’s True North: Justice in Writing and Action, Winter 2010

Veronica I. Arreola
--Beyond Olympics: Why I Pledge to Attend Women’s Sports, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

Nona Willis Aronowitz
-- Lady Gaga: Celebrity Feminist?, Winter 2011

Janine Avril

--Women with AIDS, Off the Radar Screen, May 2008, Cafe

Eleanor Bader

-- Bodies in Motion: Physical Females Face Different Rules, Spring/Summer 2012

--Anti-Abortion Harassment and Violence Still Stifle Access, Winter 2012

--Heather Ault: Visualizing 4000 Years of Choice, Fall 2011

--War Resisters Inject Truth into Military Recruitment, Summer 2011

--Snipping Pink Sentimentality: Persisting on the Whys of Breast Cancer, Spring 2011

-- 'Feminists for Life': A Built-In Contradiction?, Winter 2011

-- Snood by Snood, Tight-Knit Orthodox Piety Loosens Up, Summer 2010

-- To Halt Emotional Abuse, French Law Teaches Bullies a Lesson, Spring 2010

-- Facing Down Danger to Make Reproductive Freedom a Reality, Winter 2010

-- Beginning with the Children: To Teach Peace, Fall 2009

-- Trans Health Care Is a Life and Death Matter, Summer 2009

-- Activists Boost Female Health Empowerment, Spring 2009

-- Film Review: MILK and Recruiting for Rights, Winter 2009

--Anti-Abortion Terror Tactics Take a Toll, Fall 2008

-- Book Review: AIDS, Women, Africa, May 2008

Lu Bailey

-- Cheering or Being Cheered? My Daughter's Cheerleading Adventure, Spring/Summer 2012

--Dirty Down There: The Selling of "Feminine" Products, Spring 2011, Cafe

-- Republicans Aim to 'Divide and Conquer", Winter 2011

-- Defeating Racism and Sexism with the Politics of Authenticity, Summer 2010

-- Race and Gender: Two Lovers Who Dare to Kiss, Fall 2009, Café

--Put Self-Objectification Under Wraps, Spring 2009, Cafe

Bill Baird
--Report from the Right-to-Life Convention, Part 1: Why Right-to-Lifers Hate Birth Control and Love Mitt Romney, Spring/Summer 2012 Hot Topics

--Report from the Right-to-Life Convention, Part 2: Young Women and Men Unite!, Spring/Summer 2012 Hot Topics

Susan J. Bandy
--Curious Tension: Feminism and the Sporting Woman, Spring/Summer 2012

Marion Banzhaf
--Putting Money Where Our Causes Are, Winter 2009

Melynda H. Barnhart
--Fighting Prostitution at the Expense of Slavery, Summer 2008, Cafe

Sarah Barr and Stephanie Gilmore
--Listening Up: Students Blow the Whistle on Sexual Violence on Campus, Spring 2010

Kathleen Barry

--My Feminist Action: Locating Sex in Sexual Harassment and Rape, Fall 2011 Cafe

--A Feminist Looks at Masculine Rage and the Haditha Massacre, Summer 2011

--Feminist Human Rights vs. The Conning of Patriotism, Winter 2011, Cafe

--Equally Expendable: Looking at Men and War through a Feminist Paradigm, Summer 2010 Cafe

Bernadette Barton
--Naked Truth, Reality and Fantasy Are (Stripper) Poles Apart, Summer 2008

Jennifer Baumgardner
-- Shulamith Firestone and Me, Spring/Summer 2012 Hot Topics

--We're Not Sorry. Still., Winter 2012

-- Glamorous, progressive, campy, and radical: A Tribute to Barbara Seaman, Spring 2011

-- Filming to Shatter the Stigma, Fall 2008

Rosalyn Baxandall
--The Populist Movement Reborn, At Last, In Occupy, Fall 2011 Cafe

Betty M. Bayer
--Student Think Tank, Fall 2011

Barbara Becker
--Dispatches from the Road: A Travelogue of True Stories, Spring 2010

--With the Understanding of Ghandi, Aminatou Put Her Life on the Line, Winter 2010

Natalie Bell
-- 'Earth to Natalie': One Teacher and Integration in Nashville, Spring 2010 Café

-- Exclusive: Women of Color Push Boundaries on Reproductive Justice, Fall 2009

-- The Down Low Effect, May 2008 Cafe

Lula Belle
--Musings on Minstrelsy: "Ironic" Racism in America, Spring/Summer 2012 Hot Topics

Helen Benedict
--Why I Wrote A War Novel, Summer 2011 Cafe

Sara Benincasa
--Lady-Parts, the Church and Planned Parenthood, Winter 2012 Cafe

Janet Benshoof
-- Justice for Aung San Suu Kyi: End Male Power Structures, Winter 2010

--Twisted Treaty Shafts U.S. Women, Winter 2009

Sallie Bingham
--Women and the War on Terror, An Unintended Consequence? Fall 2008

Resa Crane Bizzaro

-- Academic Feminisms: Gaining or Losing Ground?, Winter 2011 Cafe

-- Enemies and Heroes: A Memoir of Two Women, Winter 2010

-- Teens and Indian Health Service: Saving Both, Fall 2009 Café

Elizabeth Black
--Mother Nature Gets Naughty: Eco-Friendly Sex Toys, Spring 2011

-- Good Girls, Bad Girls: The Kinkiness of Slut-Shaming, Summer 2010

Marcy Bloom
-- Health Inequality: Gates Foundation Bans Abortion, Summer 2010

--What is a Woman Worth? The Global Story is the Feminization of a Pandemic, May 2008

Angela Bonavoglia

-- Women Challenge Gender Apartheid in the Catholic Church, Summer 2010

-- Open Drag Night at the Outpost Lounge, Summer 2009, Cafe

-- Of Victims and Vixens-The Feminist Clash Over Prostitution, Summer 2008

Kate Bornstein

-- Teens, Freaks, Outlaws and Alternatives to Suicide, Summer 2009 Cafe

Helen Boyd
--How a Feminist Found Her Sexism, Summer 2009

Dr. Ann Boyer
-- Having Children When You Have HIV–Still a Problem? May 2008, Cafe

Theresa Braine
-- Esther Chavez Cano Added Up the Devastation of Gender Violence, Winter 2010

Rita Nakashima Brock

-- Religious Repugnance Obscures Need for Sex Work Decriminalization, Summer 2008

Sarah Browing
--Food for The Soul: Poetry That Pierces Injustice, Fall 2011

Melissa Sontag Brudo and Rachel Grinstein
--Stop Murder and Violence Against Sex Workers, Winter 2011 Cafe

Madeline Lee Bryer
--Most Wanted: Meaningful Enforcement in the War Against Domestic Abuse, Summer 2011, Cafe

Martha Burk
--Who Owns Sports? Dissecting the Politics of Title IX, Spring/Summer 2012

David Burress
--Violence is the Unifying Narrative of Anti-Abortion Chatter, Winter 2012 Cafe

Sarah Byrnes
--Resilience Circles: Consciousness-Raising Groups for Tough Economic Times, Fall 2011 Cafe

Charlotte Bunch
-- Listen Up: UN Must Hear Women on Violence, Spring 2009

Jasmine Burnett
--Calling Black LGBTQ Institutions: Where Are You? Where is Reproductive Justice?, Winter 2012

Leslie Cagan
--Unfurling the Progressive Banner: Where We Are, Fall 2011

Leslie Cagle
--What Every Woman Should Know, Fall 2011

Corinne A. Carey
--Privacy at Stake: Patients, Clinics and Electronic Medical Records, Winter 2012

Talia Carner

-- Women Are the Solution, Not the Problem, Summer 2009 Cafe

Megan Carpentier
-- Alright Then, Let Men Compete, Summer 2010

-- A Feminist's U-Turn: A Torrid Tale of Disappointment and Discovery, Spring 2010

Rebecca Chalker
--Know Thy Clitoris, Spring 2009

Pam Chamberlain
--Common Enemies: LGBT, Abortion Share Foes, Spring 2009

Alex Channon
--Why Sex Segregation Is Bad for Society, Spring/Summer 2012

Karen Charman
--Dared to challenge a powerful industry: A Tribute to Barbara Seaman, Spring 2011

--Nuclear Revival? Lessons for Women from the Three Mile Island Accident, Spring 2011

Ayesha Chatterjee
--Can We Choose to Move Forward on Reproductive Justice? -- And How?, With Judy Norsigian, Winter 2012

Michelle Chen
--Little Girl Lost: Early Puberty Hides Environmental Injustice, Spring 2011

Dr. Phyllis Chesler
--Letter to a Young Feminist, Spring 1998

--Telling it Like it Was, Summer 1995

--IN MY VIEW: A Wolf In Feminist Clothing, Spring 1994

--A Meditation on the Sea, Fall 1998

--My Six Months As An Afghan Bride: The Making Of An American Feminist, Spring 1997

--Mississippi Feminists Under Attack, Fall 1994

--An Update on Aileen Wuornos, Summer 1993

--SEX. DEATH AND THE DOUBLE STANDARD: Wuornos On Trial, Summer 1992

Chanda Chevannes
--A Tale of Two Nursing Mothers, Spring 2011

Elayne Clift
--Life’s Precious Trio: Women, Water and Health,Spring 2011

-- Maternal Mortality, Slavery, Fistula Fill Half The Sky, Winter 2010

Lesley Cohen

--Midwifery Reborn: Politicians Take Note,Winter 2009, Cafe

Abigail Collazo
--My Body, My Choice, My Intimate War, Winter 2012 Cafe

Sharon Collingwood
--Female Avatars Hail “Second Life," Winter 2009

rebecca s.a. connie and Tara Malik
-- Youth Videos Push Back Gender Violence, Winter 2009, Cafe

Carolyn Cook

-- Say "I Do": Constitutional Equality is Forever", Summer 2010

Cindy Cooper
--A Woman, Without a Fish,On a Bicycle., Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

--"Occupy" and Feminism Equal New Solidarity: Frances Fox Piven Speaks, Fall 2011 Cafe

--Theo Colborn: Making her own scientific path, Spring 2011 Cafe

-- Dear Antis: Voters Say No To Your Abortion Bans, Winter 2011, Cafe

-- Stop the Con and Take ERA All the Way, Winter 2011, Cafe

-- Gender Equality: Devil in the Details, Summer 2010

-- In the Act Alone: German Resistance to the Nazi Movement, Winter 2010

-- Loretta Ross Unmasks Black Anti-Abortion Message, Media Spin, Winter 2010

-- In Peril: North African Freedom Fighter on Hunger Strike, Fall 2009, Cafe

-- Kathryn Joyce, Esther Kaplan, Sunsara Taylor, The Terror and Error of Sarah Palin, Fall 2008, Cafe

-- Not Enough Women Use Web Resource, May 2008, Cafe

Rhonda Copelon
-- End Torture, End Domestic Violence, Winter 2009

Clare Coss
--White Silence and Responsibility, Fall 2009, Café

Helen Cowherd
--Films that Inform Our Lives: Maybe Next Year?, Winter 2011, Cafe

Elizabeth Creely
--Occupying the Air: Banners Wave Truths about Abortion & Rights, Winter 2012 Cafe

Shelagh Daley
--No Women, No Peace: Time to Change Peace Building, Summer 2011, Cafe

Susan Elizabeth Davis
--"Love Means Second Chances": Reproductive Freedom in a Novel, Winter 2012

Susie Day
--Satirist’s View: Same Old Dilemma, or The Virgin Rebirth, Winter 2012

Crystal DeBoise
--Stopping Police and DAs from Using Condoms to Convict Sex Workers, Fall 2011 Cafe

Melissa Ditmore

--Feminists Lose Ground Working With Social Conservatives on Trafficking, Winter 2011, Cafe

Ariel Dougherty
--Films Lag in Sharing Women’s Athletic Dreams, Spring/Summer 2012

-- Misogyny Makes Money: Review of "The Social Network", Winter 2011, Cafe

-- Girls Kick: Moving the Media's World Cup Goal Posts, Summer 2010

-- “The Heretics”: Film Invigorates Feminism, Art, Politics, Summer 2009, Café

-- Media Tools Counter War Violence Against Women, Fall 2008

-- Does Working Girls Still Work? Summer 2008

Susan J. Douglas
-- The Rise of Enlightened Sexism, Winter 2011

Carol Downer
--As Access Slides, Feminists Need to "Extract" From Our Self-Help Past, Winter 2012

-- No Stopping: From Pom-Poms to Saving Women's Bodies, Fall 2011

-- A Blast From the Past Can Secure Abortion Rights, Spring 2010, Cafe

-- Women Hold Demonstrations for Liberation in Iraq and Afghanistan, Winter 2010

-- "Rejected Letters"; Iranian Women Mark 30 Years of Struggle to Reclaim Our Lives, Winter 2009

Gwen Deeley
Water Borne: Swimming in Competition And In Life, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

The Editors
-- Level the Playing Field: Girls, Women and Sports, Spring/Summer 2012

--At AIDS Conference, Women Finally in the Spotlight, Spring/Summer 2012 Hot Topics

--Abortion: On The Issues Magazine, Winter 2012

--Abortionomics: When Choice Is A Necessity, Winter 2012

-- ACTIVISM!, Fall 2011

--A Lesson From History: WWII and Fighting to Keep Women From Slavery, Summer 2011, Cafe

-- A Tribute to Barbara Seaman: Triggering a revolution in women’s health care, Spring 2011

-- "Nontraditional": A Video Makes a Car Job Seem Auto-Matic, Summer 2010, Cafe

-- Mahin Hassibi, Visionary Ideas, Thinking Out Loud, Winter 2010

-- From Our Files: Related Stories to Passion, Freedom & Women, Winter 2010

-- Race, Feminism, Our Future, Fall 2009

-- From Our Files: Gender Always on the Agenda, Summer 2009

-- Our Genders, Our Rights, Summer 2009

-- Bad Thoughts: Religious Reactionaries on HIV-AIDS, May 2008

-- Articles from the Past on HIV-AIDS, May 2008

Diana Egozcue
-- Who the Revolution Left Behind, Winter 2009, Cafe

Laura Eldridge

-- Work Grew Out of Personal Experience: A Tribute to Barbara Seaman, Spring 2011

--Adding Environmental Footprints to Birth Control Choices, Spring 2011

--In His Shorts: What Happened to Male Birth Control?, Summer 2010, Cafe

Barbara Ehrenreich
-- Unstoppable, and, when necessary, disruptive: A Tribute to Barbara Seaman, Spring 2011

Sarah Flint Erdreich

--Discussing Abortion During Polite Dinner Conversation, Winter 2012 Cafe

--How Anti-Abortion Protesters Got Me: Letter From a Young Activist, Winter 2012

--Four Bags: My Mother's Gift of Living Simply, Spring 2011, Cafe

--"No Easy Decision": MTV Takes On Abortion, Winter 2011, Cafe

Mauricio Espinoza
--Soccer Dad Faces Parenting, Coaching and Dreams, Spring/Summer 2012

Karen Ethelsdattar

--Poetry: Reliving the Nuclear Nightmare, Spring 2011, Cafe

Avory Faucette
What's "Level" and Fair for Trans, Intersex and Disabled Athletes?, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

Judith Avory Faucette
--Ending Wartime Rape Means Ending War and Patriarchy, Summer 2011, Cafe

Susan Faludi

-- What is Terror for Women? Fall 2008

Ann Farmer
-- Video: An Iconic dancer on Her Toes After 50 Years, Winter 2011, Cafe

--Car Repair is Women's Work, Summer 2010

Gloria Feldt
--The Grand Folly of Focusing on "Common Ground," Winter 2012

-- Convictions to Action: Lessons From Margaret Sanger, Winter 2010

-- To Run the World, Power Up Feminism, Spring 2009

-- A Do-Over for Reproductive Justice,Winter 2009, Cafe

Susan Feiner
--Gender Values: The Costs of War, Summer 2011

--How To Think Like a Feminist Economist, Spring 2010

The Feminist Press

-- and Chané Jones Girls, Women, Sports: What to Read, Spring/Summer 2012

Simon Fisher
--Taking Multimedia Action to Stop HIV-AIDS  in Youth, Spring 2009, Cafe

Peggy Miller Francke
Socially Prominent Sears Broke Victorian Records and Constraints., Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

Stacia Friedman
Confessions of a Teenaged Klutz, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

Janna Frieman
--Reproductive Health Locked Up, Winter 2012 Cafe

Sonia Pressman Fuentes
-- Judging Our Future: Supreme Women Move Up, Winter 2011, Cafe

-- Advancing Rights: 1964 Marks the Beginning of a New Era, Summer 2010, Cafe

Sussan G. with Carol Downer
-- Iranian Women Mark 30 Years of Struggle to Reclaim Our Lives, Winter 2009, Special

Carolyn Gage
-- Me, Babe and Prying Open the Closets of Lesbian Athletes, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

-- Dr. Sally Ride’s Legacy: The Frontiers of Identity, Spring/Summer 2012 Hot Topics

--Echoing at "Occupy": The Women Behind Social Security, Fall 2011 Cafe

-- The Ladies' Room: A Complicated Conversation, Summer 2009

--The War I Know, Sidelined, A to Z, Fall 2008, Cafe

Anne Galisky
--Filming Against Odds: Undocumented Youth “Come Out" With Their Dreams, Fall 2011

Serena Garcia
--Wise Words Cause Fearful Notions, Fall 2009, Café

Irasema Garza
--Second Bill of Rights: Economic Security, Spring 2009

Nancy Genova
-- The Death of a Dream: Layers of Domestic Violence, Summer 2009, Café

--Saving the Next Generation, May 2008

Helen Gilbert
-- Dangerous Con: How the Right-Wing Attracts Women, Winter 2011, Cafe

--Disappearing the Word "Rape," Winter 2011, Cafe

--A Radical Look at the Question of Equality, Summer 2010, Cafe

Stephanie Gilmore

--Marcha de las Putas: SlutWalking Crosses Global Divides, Fall 2011

-- with Sarah Barr, Listening Up: Students Blow the Whistle on Sexual Violence on Campus, Spring 2010

--Students Draw the Line on Sexual Violence, Spring 2009, Cafe

Molly M. Ginty
-- Yoga Frontiers: Women Shape Practices in Exceptional Ways, Spring/Summer 2012

-- A Miracle of Networking and Spunk: A Tribute to Barbara Seaman, Spring 2011

--Swamped: Trying to Save Fragile Bodies, Spring 2011

-- Peggy M. Shepard, Setting the Bar for Environmental Justice, Spring 2009

-- In the US, AIDS Spreads Rapid-Fire and Crosses the Gender Divide, May 2008

Barbara J. Gislason
-- An Animal Lawyer Makes a Manifesto, Winter 2009

Arlene Goldbard
--Three Habits of the Heart and Mind To Spark Cultural Awakening, Spring 2010

Justine Goodman
--Before "Roe": Legal Battles, Involuntary Servitude, My Mom, Winter 2012

Jan Goodwin
--Honor Killings and Human Bombs, Abuses Old and New, Fall 2008

Tim Grainey
The Rise and Fall and Possible Rise of Women's Pro Soccer, Spring/Summer 2012

Mary Lou Greenberg
-- Volunteer Abortion Funds Ramp Up in New York, Nationally, Winter 2012 Cafe

--Next Generation Access: Medical Students Fill A Void, Winter 2012

--Haven Volunteers: An Immediate Impact on Abortion Care, Fall 2011 Cafe

-- Beyond Equality to Liberation, Summer 2010

-- On The Frontlines: A Counselor Must Address a Gauntlet of Lies, Spring 2010

-- Facing Down Danger to Make Reproductive Freedom a Reality, Winter 2010

-- Courage and Heroism Follow Devastation in Haiti, Winter 2010

-- It All Started With Adam and Eve, Summer 2009

-- Women Still at the Hoops, But Parity Scores Low, Summer 2009, Cafe

-- Related Articles: New Year's Revolutions Women Need, Winter 2009

-- What is Terror for Women: A Hot Topic In Our Archives, Fall 2008

-- Sex Work and Prostitution--Beholders See Different Issues in Past Stories, Summer 2008

--  When Revolution in China Elevated Women and Took Prostitution Off the Market, Summer 2008, Cafe

--Iranian Women Today – Fighting Two Enemies, Spring 2008

-- Break the Silence, End the Stigma, May 2008

-- Media Missteps + Misogyny = Death for Women, May 2008, Cafe

Alexis Greene

--The Power of Theater: "Words of Choice" Touches Hearts, Winter 2012

--Women in Tyvek: Hope in Nontraditional Green Jobs, Spring 2011, Cafe

-- Of Hallie Flanagan and Women Who Won't Be Silent, Winter 2011, Cafe

-- Theatre Arts; A Menace to Society – Bill Baird, Winter 2009

-- Theatre Arts; Whatever Happened to Nora? Fall 2008

-- Theatre Arts; “In the Continuum" Tells Women’s Missing HIV Stories, May 2008

-- Theatre Arts; “Ruined" by Lynne Nottage Links War, Horror and Prostitution, Summer 2008

Catherine Gropper
--For the Birds: My Personal Eco Activism, Spring 2011, Cafe

Melissa Sontag Brudo and Rachel Grinstein
--Stop Murder and Violence Against Sex Workers, Winter 2011, Cafe

Suzanne Grossman
--Tips on Making a Career Out of Feminist Work, Spring 2010, Cafe

Margaret Morganroth Gullette
--Taking A Stand Against Ageism at All Ages: A Powerful Coalition, Fall 2011

Sarah Hackley
-- The Plight of Pregnancy, Maternal Mortality in Developing Nations, Spring 2009, Cafe

Rev. Debra W. Haffner
--Abortion is a Moral Decision, Winter 2012 Cafe

Ida Hammer
--Trans Violence Is Violence Against Women, Fall 2011 Cafe

Carol Hanisch
-- Women's Liberation: Looking Back, Looking Forward, Winter 2011

--Women's Liberation Consciousness-Raising: Then and Now, Spring 2010

Marie Hardin
Winning the Sports Beat: Female Writers Need Wide Angle Lens, Spring/Summer 2012

Betsy Hartmann
--The New Population Control Craze: Retro, Racist, Wrong Way to Go, Fall 2009

Janis Hashe
-- The Dickflick Defined, Summer 2009, Cafe

Mahin Hassibi

-- Busting Bogus Biology and Beliefs, Summer 2009

-- Ending the Male Patina in Biology, Winter 2009

-- Book Review; Whose Utopia? Winter 2009, Cafe

-- Terror for Women Exists Throughout History, Across Cultures, Fall 2008

-- Let’s Change the Equation on Sex and Earning, Summer 2008, Cafe

--Talking Shop in the Medical Field: the Unfolding of a Strange New Disease, May 2008, Cafe

Meg Heery
-- Finding Legs and Body: Running the Marathon, Spring 2012 Cafe

-- Women in London 2012: Who to Watch, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

-- Women Win, Not Unicorns, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

-- Women in London 2012: Historic? Maddening? Both?, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

-- Olympic Briefing: Mind the Gap, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

-- Meet Your Olympic Heroes, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

-- Olympic Fencing: A Mighty Duel, A Sound Strategy, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

-- They’re Olympic Champions, Not Prey, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

-- I Like ‘Em Big, I Like ‘Em Proud, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

-- Pioneers? Yes. Is it Enough? No., Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

-- This is What Winning Looks Like, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

-- Women Box Their Way to Medals, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

-- Women’s Soccer: "You cheated!" Really?, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

--The Olympic Spirit: It’s a Girl Thing, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

-- Katie Taylor, the Best Amateur Boxer in the World, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

-- Olympics 2012: It’s a Wrap, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

Lindsey Hennawi
-- Our Little Light: Letter From A Young Activist, Fall 2011

Steph Herold
--Honoring Our Legacy: Founding IAmDrTiller.com, Summer 2010, Cafe

Thea Hillman
--Intersex, or What's In a Name? Everything, Summer 2009

Adrien Hilton
--Lessons from Redstockings: A Movement Goes for What It Wants, Spring 2009, Cafe

Rhea Hirshman
--On The Subway With Tillie, Spring 2010, Cafe

Shere Hite
--Female Orgasm Today, the Hite Report’s Research Then and Now, Summer 2008

Merle Hoffman
-- Anti-Abortion ‘Wailing Wall’ is Wrong. Very Wrong., Spring/Summer 2012 Hot Topics

-- Acid Attacks: Women Can Face Global Violence, Spring/Summer 2012 Hot Topics

--Intimate Wars Blog Series: My Abortion Story, Winter 2012

--Where the Reality of Abortion Resides: Intimate Wars, Winter 2012

-- Patient Power – The Reluctant Revolution, Fall 2011

-- All Wars Are Intimate Wars, Summer 2011

-- Questioning the "hard" in hard data: A Tribute to Barbara Seaman, Spring 2011

-- Roe v. Wade 38th Anniversary: A Time for Celebration – and Commitment, Winter 2011 Cafe

-- Feminism Is As Feminism Does, Winter 2011

-- The Courage of No, Winter 2010

-- Selecting the Same Sex, Summer 2009

-- Higher Ground, Not Common Ground, Spring 2009

-- On the Murder and Continuing Inspiration of Dr. George Tiller, Spring 2009

-- Revolution Lite, Winter 2009

-- Sarah Palin and the Apocalypse, Fall 2008

-- Divide, Conquer and Sell, Summer 2008

--A Message from the Publisher, Spring 2008

-- Plus ca Change, May 2008

Maame-Mensima Horne
-- Equality for Women: Insights From My Grandfather, Spring 2010

-- Black Abortion: Breaking the Silence, Fall 2009, Café

Christine E. Hutchins
-- Reigniting Black Feminist Power, Fall 2009

-- In a Word: The True History of “Misogyny,” Summer 2009, Cafe

--Book Review; Ending Slavery: How We Free Today's Slaves, Spring 2009

-- Book Review; The Reproductive Rights Reader: Law, Medicine, and the Construction of Motherhood, Spring 2009

Risa Isard
Opening Historic Trails: Accidental Heroes Stomp Sports Inequity, Spring/Summer 2012

Edna Adan Ismail
--The Terror of Motherhood in Somaliland and Women’s Rights to Safe Care, Fall 2008

Nicole Itano
-- Time to Rethink Global HIV/AIDS Care, May 2008, Cafe

Susan Jacoby
-- Wanted: A Revolution in Critical Thinking, Winter 2009

Sir Jesse of Decatur
--Southern Reproductive Justice and Trans Alliance, Summer 2009, Cafe

Carolyn Jessop and Laura Palmer

--American Taliban: Sect Controls Women's Destinies, Summer 2009

Ileana Jiménez
--Teaching Feminism in High School: Moving from Theory to Action, Fall 2011

Carol Joffe
--Gone Too Far? Reproductive Politics in the Time of Obama, Winter 2012

Ms. Michael angel Johnson
--Fiction: A Basket of Biscuits, Fall 2011

--The African American Woman Who Shaped the Future of Art, Fall 2009, Cafe

Chané Jones and The Feminist Press
-- Girls, Women, Sports: What to Read, Spring/Summer 2012

Ann Jordan

-- Nothing About Us, Without Us, Summer 2008

Jennifer Jordan
-- Women On High: The Price of Passion at the Roof of the World, Spring/Summer 2012

Kathryn Joyce
--Lila Rose: A Sweet Face to Accompany Extreme Anti-Abortion Claims, Winter 2012

Kathryn Joyce, Esther Kaplan, Sunsara Taylor, Cindy Cooper
--The Terror and Error of Sarah Palin, Fall 2008, Cafe

Barbara Kahn
--Women in the Arts: How They Can Change Your Life, Summer 2009, Cafe

Esther Kaplan, Kathryn Joyce, Sunsara Taylor, Cindy Cooper
--The Terror and Error of Sarah Palin, Fall 2008, Cafe

Margie Kelly
--Glorifying the Fetus While Ignoring the Fetal Environment, Winter 2012

--Message in BPA Baby Bottles: Don't Mess with Moms, Spring 2011

Cameron Kelsall
--Book Review; A Human finds Robot Love: New Jeanette Winterson Book, Summer 2009

Glynnis King
--With Elizabeth Koke, Book Corner: Feminist Press Picks Five Top Activist Reads, Fall 2011

Frances Kissling
-- Beyond Politics and One God, Winter 2009

Elizabeth Koke
-- With Glynnis King, Book Corner: Feminist Press Picks Five Top Activist Reads, Fall 2011

Kristine Kordell
--Time To Recognize Lesbian Service in US Military, Winter 2012 Student Think Tank

Gabrielle Korn
-- Athletically Disinclined: My Counterpoint, Spring/Summer 2012

--From Israel, With Questions: Learning To Do Abortion Care, Winter 2012 Cafe

--"Marching" Together, Online: Trust Women Week and the Silver Ribbon Campaign, Winter 2012 Cafe

--Engaged Activism: Two Women Challenge Global Sex Trafficking, Fall 2011

Speak Out: Sharing Passions, Tips, Techniques, Fall 2011

-- Top Ten: Three Years of Stories That Grabbed Readers, Summer 2011

-- Fighting to Fight: Questioning the Battle of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", Summer 2011, Cafe

Myra Kovary
--Unprecedented Recognition for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Winter 2009, Cafe

Georgia Kral
-- Female Music Critics Transcend Fan Culture, Summer 2010 Cafe

-- Indie Music Groups Share Sex Positivity, Spring 2010 Cafe

-- Virtual Switching, or Playing Games, Summer 2009

Gail Kriegel
-- Anabella: Guatemalan Leader Deploys Stilettos Against Corruption, Winter 2010

Aung San Suu Kyi
-- From the Archives: the Words of Aung San Suu Kyi, Winter 2011, Cafe

Susan Lehman
--Strong Families Love Unconditionally, Spring 2011, Cafe

Josie Lehrer
--Healthy Masculinities: A Pro Human Endeavor, Summer 2009, Café

Carol Leigh
--On the Frontline of Sex Wars, Summer 2008

Jana Leo

-- Rape New York, Fall 2008

Tobe Levin
--African FGM Author Finds Herself Called to Activism, Fall 2011 Cafe

--UnCUT/VOICES: Unequivocally Against Female Genital Mutilation, Fall 2010, Cafe

Dulcey Lewis
--Not Waiting for Rapture: The Lesbian Avengers March In, Fall 2011 Cafe

Andrew D. Linden
Goalposts: Tackling the Last Bastion of Male Monopoly, Spring/Summer 2012

Stacey Linnartz
Gretel Bergmann, the Nazi Olympics and the Dream Being Who We Are, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

Chris Lombardi
-- 40 Years Later, Title IX Victories Shadow Work Ahead, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

-- Sending Our Service Women to Back Alleys, Spring/Summer 2012 Hot Topics

-- In Egypt’s Crisis, Standing Up Against Sexual Abuse, Spring/Summer 2012 Hot Topics

--Paradoxes of Women in Uniform Take Deep Listening, Summer 2011

Phyllis Lombardi
-- Listen, Really, I Mean It: Sick of Kids’ Sports, Spring/Summer 2012

Fran Luck
--Sharing the Joy of Resistance Through Radio, Spring 2010

Jeannie Ludlow
--Reframing Compassionate Care: Of Madame Restell and Other Outlaws, Winter 2012

--Feeding Minds Feminism: Women's Studies, Spring 2010, Cafe

Heather MacGibbon
--Media Review; How Media Portrayals Affect Women Seeking Abortions, Summer 2009

-- Third Wave Video Art: Sarcastic and Serious, Summer 2009, Cafe

Jennifer S. Macleod

--Equal Rights Amendment Still Brings Out Ranters, Spring 2009

Jodi Magee
-- MDs Tell HHS: High-Risk Patients Need Abortion Coverage, Summer 2010, Cafe

Swapna Majumdar
--Watershed Women: Self Help in India, Spring 2011, Cafe

Tara Malik and rebecca s.a. connie
--Youth Videos Push Back Gender Violence, Winter 2009, Cafe

Mehret Mandefro
-- Once The Silence Has Been Broken, May 2008, Cafe

Amanda Marcotte

--Helping Bloggers To Help: Tips for Reproductive Health Organizations, Winter 2012

-- Getting Over the Online v Offline Debate, Fall 2011

--Abortion as Right's Multipurpose Scare Word, Winter 2011

Carol Mason
--What To Do When They Say Holocaust, Winter 2012

Janet Mason
-- Health Care, the Supreme Court and What I Learned From My Mother, Spring/Summer 2012 Hot Topics

Zerlina Maxwell
-- Aspiring for Medals: Watching New Gymnastic Generations, Spring/Summer 2012

Emily May
--Gender Harassment: From Our Revolution to Yours, Winter 2009, Cafe

Laurie Mazur
-- Population and Environment: a Progressive, Feminist Approach, Fall 2009, Cafe

Pam McAllister
--Finding Hope: Reweaving -- Then and Now, Summer 2011

Lauren Guy McAlpin
-- "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" Are Threats to Reproductive Justice, Winter 2009, Cafe

Maureen McNeil
--Practicing Freedom: An Enduring Model in Anne Frank, Spring 2010

Karen Jones Meadows

-- Harriet’s Voice: A Writer and Her Inhabitation, Winter 2010

Cassandra Medley
--Theatre Arts: “Daughter," The New Face of War, Fall 2008

Tanya Melich
--Next Chapter in the 'Republican War Against Women,' Winter 2011

Louise Melling
-- Anti-Abortion Legislators Get Flak, Winter 2012 Cafe

Myriam Miedzian
--Reducing Violence by Educating for Empathy, Spring 2010, Cafe

Margot Mifflin
--Teaching Daughters About Lollipop Politics, Spring 2009

Hannah Miller
--Finding the Power in Women’s Voices, Winter 2009, Cafe

Kate Millett

-- Gaining Control, Fall 2008

Sarah Morison
--Help Global Victims of War Rape: End Anti-Abortion Restrictions, Winter 2012 Cafe

Tawanda Mudzonga
--Terror in Our Homes, Violence Against Women in Zimbabwe, Fall 2008, Cafe

Inga Muscio
-- Love and Creative Genius: A Feminist's Most Potent Weapons, Winter 2011, Cafe

Jen Nedeau
--Healthcare Compromise: Low Income Women Get Bumped, Fall 2009, Café

Dr. Terry Neese
--Afghan and Rwandan Women Entrepreneurs Seek Peace through Business, Summer 2011, Cafe

Victoria Neilson
--Asylum Pitfalls May Await the Transgender Applicant, Summer 2009

Beverly Neufeld
-- Best City for Working Women: In Our Checkbooks, Summer 2010

Theresa Noll
--Extraordinary spirit alive in new activists: A Tribute to Barbara Seaman, Spring 2011

--Moving the Silence: Rachel Carson’s Groundbreaking Work, Spring 2011

-- The Sexual Politics of Meat Revisited, Winter 2011

--Gloria Feldt's "No Excuses" and Ways for Women to Think About Power, Summer 2010, Cafe

Leanne Norman
-- How Equality In Sport is Undermined by Compulsory Heterosexuality., Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

Judy Norsigian
--Can We Choose to Move Forward on Reproductive Justice? -- And How?, With Ayesha Chatterjee, Winter 2012

-- The complexity of human relationships: A Tribute to Barbara Seaman, Spring 2011

Kathleen A. O’Shea
-- Nun-the-Less: The Pope Tells Nuns to Stop Thinking, Spring/Summer 2012 Hot Topics

Karen Offen
-- Feminist, Feminisme, Feministe?: Anti-Patriarchy Is the Key, Winter 2011, Cafe

Cate Owren
--Women's Rights, Human Rights and Climate Change, Spring 2011, Cafe

Sonio Ossario
--Stop the Traffick, Stiffening State Laws Helps Trapped Women, Summer 2008

Laura Palmer and Carolyn Jessop
--American Taliban: Sect Controls Women's Destinies, Summer 2009

Eesha Pandit
-- The First of All Liberties: Making Health Care Meet All Women’s Needs, Fall 2009

Laura Pappano
-- Athletes and Magazine Spreads: Does Sexy Mean Selling Out?, Spring/Summer 2012

Jacqui Patterson
-- Gulf Oil Drilling Disaster: Gendered Layers of Impact, Spring 2011

-- Natural Disasters, Climate Change Uproot Women of Color, Fall 2009

Sarah Elspeth Patterson
--Education as Action: Supporting the Sexual Health of Sex Workers, Fall 2011 Cafe

Cindy Pearson
-- It's taken me three years: A Tribute to Barbara Seaman, Spring 2011

Natalie Peart
-- Yoga in the City: Counteracting Push and Shove, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

Thaler Pekar
--Stories Matter: How to Power Up Your Activism, Fall 2011

Faith Pennick
--“Silent Choices": African American Women Open Up on Film, Winter 2012

Suzanne Pharr
-- Stimulating Social Change: Then and Now, Fall 2009

Caroline Picker
--Controlling Women: Reasons to Worry About the Scott Sisters, Winter 2011, Cafe

Lindsay Parks Pieper
Rules Put Extreme Pressure On Transsexual Players, Spring/Summer 2012

Andrea Plaid
--Heading Toward Menopause, Still Caring about Abortion, Winter 2012

Mary E. Plouffe
-- From Suffragists to Sarah Palin: Bring Back Competance, Winter 2011, Cafe

Angela Poh
-- Book Reveals Difficulties of Traditional Chinese Gender Roles, Fall 2009, Café

Carole Ponchon
We Came to Play, Not Pose: The Dilemma of Women’s Sports, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

Jennifer L. Pozner
-- Reality TV (Re)Writes Gender Roles, Winter 2011

--Media Literacy: Piercing Content and Who Controls It, Spring 2010

Carolyn Raffensperger

--My Body, the Earth: The Earth, My Body, Spring 2011, Cafe

--Acting As If Future Generations Matter, Spring 2011

Norma Ramos
--“It’s Not TV, It’s Sexploitation" Protest Against Home Box Office, Summer 2008

Rebecca Ratero
Swish of the Basket: Why Basketball Is Part of My Life, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

Manis Rayles
--Intimate Wars: A Faithful Feminist, Winter 2012 Cafe

Meghan Rhoad
--Holding the Line, Defending Feminist Values in Immigration Enforcement, Spring 2009, Cafe 

Jane Roberts
--Putting Together Pieces of Sex Work, Gender Inequality, Deadly Consequences, Summer 2008, Cafe    

Ann Rose
--Fighting Back with Sperm Personhood and Viagra Limitations, Winter 2012 Cafe

Loretta J. Ross
-- Saying No in Mississippi: No to Personhood, No to Voter Restrictions, Fall 2011 Cafe

-- Fighting the Black Anti-Abortion Campaign: Trusting Black Women, Winter 2011

-- A Feminist Vision: No Justice-No Equity, Summer 2010

-- Birthers and Birchers: Hiding Behind the Stars and Stripes, Fall 2009

-- Repeal Hyde: Even Republicans Know It's Wrong to Politick With Women's Lives, Spring 2009, Cafe

--  Mobilizing for Reproductive Justice, Spring 2009

-- "Rejected Letters"; Women of Color Need Human Rights, Not “Common Ground", Winter 2009

-- Re-enslaving African American Women, Fall 2008, Cafe

Melissa Nalani Ross
-- Anti-Immigrant Fervor Translates to Terror for Women, Fall 2008

Larissa Ruoff
--Clean Up: Shareholder Activism Pushes Companies, Spring 2011, Cafe

Lise Saffran
--Infrastructure: Fiction Techniques and Shaping Public Health, Spring 2011, Cafe

K. Salis
--Intimate Wars: Sex is Intimate. So is Pregnancy., Winter 2012

Graciela Sanchez
-- Mujeres Take Back the Culture with Old Photos, Fall 2009

Autumn Sandeen
--Good News for Trans Veterans: New VA Health Care Guidelines, Summer 2011, Cafe

Barbara Santee
--Letter to a Young Activist: Do Not Drop the Banner, Winter 2012

Penelope Saunders
--How you dress shouldn’t be cause for arrest, Summer 2008, Cafe

Deborah Savadge
--Broadway Has A Long Way to Go, Baby, Summer 2010, Cafe

Donna Schaper
-- Taking Seminaries Out of the Box, Spring 2010, Cafe

-- Rolling with the Roles, Summer 2009, Cafe

-- Shaping Sexual Futures On a Budget, Spring 2009

--Populism Needed to Shovel Out the Old Economy, Winter 2009, Cafe

Abby Scher
--Not-so-New Right Wing Women, Winter 2011

Marianne Schnall
--Webs of Connection: Trees, Women, Activism, Spring 2011, Cafe

Sarah Schoenfeldt
-- Ultimate Frisbee: Women Need A League of Their Own, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

Jane Schonberger
-- Olympics' Coverage Still Shortchanges Female Athletes, Spring/Summer 2012

Larry Schulte
--Art Still Vital to AIDS Activism, May 2008, Cafe

Ria Sen
--Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge on Abortion, Winter 2012

Rinku Sen
-- Taking on Postracialism, Fall 2009

Laura A. Shamas
-- Leaping, Racing, Spearing: The Female Athlete Amazes in Myth, Spring/Summer 2012

--Understanding the Myth: Why Cassandra Must Not be Silenced, Summer 2011, Cafe

Aram A. Schvey
--Redefining Chutzpah: More Bad Ideas to Burden Women, Winter 2012

Marie Shear
--"Little Marie": The Daily Toll of Sexist Language, Summer 2010

Galen Sherwin

--New Yorkers Need to Upgrade Abortion Laws, Spring 2009, Cafe

Marjorie Signer
--Military Women: Unfair Denial of Abortion Access Needs to End, Summer 2011, Cafe

-- Global Gag Rule Poses Moral Challenge for US HIV/AIDS Funding, May 2008, Cafe

Jeanmarie Simpson
--Jeannette Rankin, Suffragist and Pacifist: She Speaks For Me, Summer 2011, Cafe

Sir Jesse of Decatur
-- Southern Reproductive Justice and Trans Alliance, Summer 2009, Cafe

Andrea Smith
--To Stop Gender Violence, Start Changing the Tune, Fall 2009

Priscilla Smith
--An Abortion Miracle? Let’s Try the First Amendment, Winter 2012

Jessica T. Solomon
--Tapping Our Creative Selves for Social Change, Winter 2009, Cafe

Nicole Witte Solomon
--Erotic Laborers Find Outlet in Spread, Summer 2008, Cafe

Ellen Snortland
-- The Water We Swim In, Rescuing Ourselves, Fall 2008, Cafe

Cynthia Soohoo and Katrina Anderson
--High Rates of HIV and STDs Show the US is Flouting Teens’ Human Rights, May 2008, Cafe

Annie Sprinkle
--Stopping the Terror, A Day to End Violence Against Prostitutes, Fall 2008, Cafe

Christine Stark
-- Becoming Glory: Kicking Goals to Transcend the Night, A Memoir, Spring/Summer 2012

Erika M. Staub RN, PHN and Jacqui R. Quetal RN, FNP
--Professionals and Activists: Nursing Students for Choice, Winter 2012 Cafe

Linda Stein
--The Art Perspective: Ursula O'Farrell, Winter 2012

-- The Art Perspective: Guerrilla Girls, Fall 2011

--Pushing Back Attacks on Artistic Freedom, Summer 2011, Cafe

--The Art Perspective featuring Frances Jetter , Summer 2011

-- Female Violence in Search of Justice, Spring 2011, Cafe

--Art Peective featuring Mary Miss, Spring 2011

--The Art Perspective presents Judy Chicago, Winter 2011

-- Superheroes Who Go Too Far – and Not Far Enough, Winter 2011

-- The Art Perspective: Regina Frank is Present, Summer 2010

-- Wonder Woman Confronts a Makeover Moment: A Missed Chance, Spring 2010, Cafe

-- The Art Perspective: Michelle Stuart, Spring 2010

-- The Art Perspective: Retrospective of Miriam Schapiro, Winter 2010

-- Wonder Woman: A Comic Book Character Shows The Way, Winter 2010

-- Breaking Ground on Feminist Art: Elizabeth A. Sackler, Summer 2009

-- Art world Insiders Struggle to Address Disparity, Summer 2009

--Art and Politics, Interpretations by Women, Fall 2008, Cafe

Jean Stevens
--Next "Wave" Peace Activists Pour Feminism into the Mix, Summer 2011

Carol Stuart

--San Francisco Health Care Clinic Makes Sex Workers at Home, Summer 2008, Cafe

Keely Swan
--Challenging Militarism and Ending Violence Against Women, Summer 2011, Cafe

Debra Sweet
--The Cruel Lie: Bombing To Liberate Women, Summer 2011

Yifat Susskind
-- Crucial As Bread: Rhonda Copeland’s Pioneering Work, Spring/Summer 2012 Hot Topics

--Violence Against Women Surges When War Is "Done", Summer 2011

-- Listen to Iraqi Women, Spring 2009, Cafe

Charlotte Taft
--Reproductive Rights: Sinking or Swimming?, Winter 2012 Cafe

Leora Tanenbaum
-- She convinced me: A Tribute to Barbara Seaman, Spring 2011

Sunsara Taylor
-Challenging People to Think: Activism for Atheism, Fall 2011

The First -- and the Next -- Time I Stood Up for Abortion Rights, Winter 2012 Cafe

Sunsara Taylor Kathryn Joyce, Esther Kaplan, Cindy Cooper

--The Terror and Error of Sarah Palin, Fall 2008, Cafe

Juhu Thukral
--Sexual Rights: Advocating for Vibrant Reframing, Fall 2011

--Double Standards in Economic and Political Clout, Fall 2010, Cafe

--Feminist Divisions Cause Real-World Repercussions, Summer 2008

Jean Tobin
--Are Women Missing in Literary Reviews?, Winter 2011, Cafe

Rachel Toor
Nine Titles Thinking About Title IX, Spring/Summer 2012

Rebecca Turner
--Formation of Gender Identity in the Church, Summer 2010, Cafe

--Opening New Horizons on Faith-Based Sex Education, Spring 2010, Café

Lois Uttley
--Taking a Stand on Hospitals, and Meaning It, Spring 2009

Joel Vig
-- Game Changer: My Ever-So-Modest Team Naming Idea., Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

--Crossing the Gender Rack, Summer 2009

Lisa Vives
--African Women with AIDS Rebuffed for Life-Saving Care, May 2008, Cafe

Mary Waechter
Women Coaching Network Takes to YouTube, Blog, Spring/Summer 2012 Cafe

Sally Roesch Wagner
--Protecting the Human Family,Fall 2008

Sharon Walton
--“I Don’t Want to Write the Book," AIDS and Listening to Women, May 2008

Linda Weber
--A Counselor's View: Embracing A Holistic Perspective of Abortion, Winter 2012 Cafe

Leslie Kanes Weisman
--Our Architecture Ourselves, Winter 2009

Cora Weiss
--Peace is a Human Right: Give Us Women Who Get It, Summer 2011

Rachel West

-- San Francisco Could End Terror, Witch-Hunting and Criminalization for Prostitutes with Prop K, Fall 2008, Cafe

Laura Whitehorn
--Letter to a Young Activist: Left to Learn from the ‘60s, Fall 2011

Diana Whitten
--Telemedicine's Abortion Pill Dispatches Relief for Women, Spring 2009, Cafe

--New Waves for Abortion Access in European Decision, Winter 2009, Cafe

Jaye Austin Williams
--Thinking About Hollywood: Breaking the Entertainment Barrier, Spring 2010

--Liberian Women Forge a Real Life Lysistrata, Winter 2010

--Affinity, Summer 2008, Cafe

Joan Williams

--Gender Pay Gap Underestimates Economic Inequality, Summer 2010, Cafe

Pam Wilmot
--Ramping Up Democracy in the U.S., Winter 2009

Lauren Wolfe
--Trapped In The Story: Local Journalists Face Sexual Violence, Summer 2011, Cafe

Dr. Sakena Yacoobi
--Unlocking the Quiet Courage of Afghans, Winter 2010

Alison Yager
--World AIDS Day: Women HIV Activists Make Sex Ed A Reality, Fall 2011 Cafe

Susan Yanow
--Health Care ‘Reform’ Is Not Enough, Winter 2009

Jessica Yee
-- The Next Seven Generations: Reclaiming Healthy Sexuality for Native Youth, Fall 2009, Cafe

Angie Young
--On 'Generation Y/Millennials' and Teaching Reproductive Justice Through Film, Spring 2010, Cafe

Courtney Zehnder
--Defying Labels With Fearlessness, Fall 2009

Malika Zouba

-- Justice Still Awaits Terror Victims in Algeria, Fall 2008, Cafe

Lauren Zuniga

--Girls- and Women- Are Slamming the Poetry Scene, Summer 2010, Cafe

Authors of Archival Articles Republished in Online Editions of On The Issues Magazine (alphabetically by last name)

Kathleen Barry
--A Feminist Looks at Masculine Rage and the Haditha Massacre, Summer 2011

--Pimping: The World's Oldest Profession, Summer 1995, republished online Summer 2008

Mahin Hassibi
--Designing Sex: Playing God, Have Doctors Gone Too Far? Summer 1998, republished online Summer 2009

Christine Keyser
-- A Conversation with Earth First! Activist Judi Bari, Summer 1991, republished online Winter 2010

Merle Hoffman
-- Happiness and the Feminist Mind, Fall 1996, republished online Spring 2010

-- Thelma and Louise Live, Winter 1991, republished online Spring 2009

-- OTI Dialogue: Congressman John Lewis and Andrea Dworkin Towards a Revolution in Values, Fall 1994, republished online Winter 2009

-- Women's Lives Under Padding, Vol. 9 1988, republished online Fall 2008

-- Love and Death on 86 Vol. 5 1985, republished online May 2008.

Martha Shelley

--A Sacrificial Light: Self-Immolation in Tajrish Square, Tehran, Fall 1994, republished online April 2008


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