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Bill posted: 2013-08-28 21:35:05

What a great piece. By way of contrast, I have a boy and a girl. The boy is older, and is obsessed with cars and trucks. His baby sister, of course, copies this obsession in her efforts to do everything her older sibling does. She has "traditional" girl toys, babies, dolls, etc., but one thing my wife and I have always done is insist on communal ownership of toys. There can be a few "special" toys, but everything else MUST be shared. This allows my daughter to freely indulge her truck obsession without reference to the pink and purple "girl" trucks she has. And my son does play with her babies and dolls. We place no strictures on this either. So, corporate America fails yet again. But, ultimately, its up to thoughtful parents to be the difference for their children.

Joan Casamo posted: 2013-09-02 20:56:12

Excellent article and insights.

barbarares posted: 2013-09-06 12:47:10

We must do something about this as a group. Boycotting Tonka or at least writing letters would be a start. How about stopping stores from having toy aisles labeled boys and girls. I think schools should make boys and girls attend classes in shop and home econ. My kids are gender reversed in some interests, my daughter much more to work with hands, son is more a poet, but both played with all toys when kids. This stereotyping is behind thee fact that only 13.7% of our engineers are women, less than 25% STEM occupations.

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