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Abortion and Race. Abortion Providers. Reproductive Rights and Abortion Politics. Clinic Violence.

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Abortion: On The Issues Magazine, The Editors, Winter 2012

Gone Too Far? Reproductive Politics in the Time of Obama, Carole Joffe, Winter 2012

The Grand Folly of Focusing on "Common Ground," Gloria Feldt, Winter 2012

An Abortion Miracle? Let's Try the First Amendment, Priscilla Smith, Winter 2012

Helping Bloggers To Help: Tips for Reproductive Health Organizations, Amanda Marcotte, Winter 2012

Occupying the Waiting Room: 40 Years of Health Care Needs, Lori Adelman, Winter 2012

Can We Choose to Move Forward on Reproductive Justice? -- And How?
, Ayesha Chatterjee and Judy Norsigian, Winter 2012

Before "Roe": Legal Battles, Involuntary Servitude, My Mom, Justine Goodman, Winter 2012

What To Do When They Say Holocaust
, Carol Mason, Winter 2012

We're Not Sorry. Still., Jennifer Baumgardner, Winter 2012

Redefining Chutzpah: More Bad Ideas to Burden Women, Aram A. Schvey, Winter 2012

The Power of Theater: "Words of Choice" Touches Hearts, Alexis Greene, Winter 2012

Heading Toward Menopause, Still Caring about Abortion, Andrea Plaid, Winter 2012

Calling Black LGBTQ Institutions: Where Are You? Where is Reproductive Justice?, Jasmine Burnett, Winter 2012

Reframing Compassionate Care: Of Madame Restell and Other Outlaws, Jeannie Ludlow, Winter 2012

As Access Slides, Feminists Need to "Extract" From Our Self-Help Past, Carol Downer, Winter 2012

Where the Reality of Abortion Resides: Intimate Wars, Merle Hoffman, Winter 2012

Abortionomics: When Choice Is A Necessity, The Editors, Winter 2012

Anti-Abortion Harassment and Violence Still Stifle Access
, Eleanor J. Bader, Winter 2012

Glorifying the Fetus While Ignoring the Fetal Environment
, Margie Kelly, Winter 2012

Next Generation Access: Medical Students Fill A Void, Mary Lou Greenberg, Winter 2012

Letter to a Young Activist: Do Not Drop the Banner, Barbara Santee, Winter 2012

How Anti-Abortion Protesters Got Me: Letter From a Young Activist, Sarah Flint Erdreich, Winter 2012

Privacy at Stake: Patients, Clinics and Electronic Medical Records
, Corinne A. Carey, Winter 2012

Lila Rose: A Sweet Face to Accompany Extreme Anti-Abortion Claims, Kathryn Joyce, Winter 2012

“Silent Choices": African American Women Open Up on Film, Faith Pennick, Winter 2012

Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge on Abortion, Ria Sen and The Feminist Press, Winter 2012

Satirist’s View: Same Old Dilemma, or The Virgin Rebirth
, Susie Day, Winter 2012

"Love Means Second Chances": Reproductive Freedom in a Novel, Susan Elizabeth Davis, Winter 2012

From Israel, With Questions: Learning To Do Abortion Care
, Gabrielle Korn, Winter 2012 Cafe

Intimate Wars Blog Series: My Abortion Story, Merle Hoffman, Winter 2012 Cafe

My Body, My Choice, My Intimate War, by Abigail Collazo, Winter 2012 Cafe

Discussing Abortion During Polite Dinner Conversation, Sarah Flint Erdreich, Winter 2012 Cafe

The First -- and the Next -- Time I Stood Up for Abortion Rights, Sunsara Taylor, Winter 2012 Cafe

Intimate Wars: A Faithful Feminist, Manis Rayles, Winter 2012 Cafe

Intimate Wars: Sex is Intimate. So is Pregnancy., K. Salis, Winter 2012 Cafe

Occupying the Air: Banners Wave Truths about Abortion & Rights, Elizabeth Creely, Winter 2012 Cafe

"Marching" Together, Online: Trust Women Week and the Silver Ribbon Campaign
, Gabrielle Korn, Winter 2012 Cafe

A Counselor's View: Embracing A Holistic Perspective of Abortion
, Linda Weber, Winter 2012 Cafe

Abortion is a Moral Decision, Rev. Debra W. Haffner, Winter 2012 Cafe

Lady-Parts, the Church and Planned Parenthood, Sara Benincasa, Winter 2012 Cafe

Being A Jane: Past, Present and Future Tense, Judith Arcana, Winter 2012 Cafe

Professionals and Activists: Nursing Students for Choice
, Erika M. Staub RN, PHN and Jacqui R. Quetal RN, FNP, Winter 2012 Cafe

Help Global Victims of War Rape: End Anti-Abortion Restrictions, Sarah Morison, Winter 2012 Cafe

Violence is the Unifying Narrative of Anti-Abortion Chatter
, David Burress, Winter 2012 Cafe

Reproductive Health Locked Up, Janna Frieman, Winter 2012 Cafe

Fighting Back with Sperm Personhood and Viagra Limitations, Ann Rose, Winter 2012 Cafe

Reproductive Rights: Sinking or Swimming?
, Charlotte Taft, Winter 2012 Cafe

Fighting the Black Anti-Abortion Campaign: Trusting Black Women, Winter 2011

Saying No in Mississippi: No to Personhood, No to Voter Restrictions, Fall 2011 Cafe

What Every Woman Should Know, Susie Cagle, Fall 2011

Haven Volunteers: An Immediate Impact on Abortion Care, Mary Lou Greenberg, Fall 2011

Military Women: Unfair Denial of Abortion Access Needs to End, Marjorie Signer, Summer 2011

All Wars Are Intimate Wars, Merle Hoffman, Summer 2011

Strong Families Love Unconditionally, Susan Lehman, Spring 2011, Cafe

Health Inequality: Gates Foundation Bans Abortion, Marcy Bloom, Summer 2010

A Feminist Vision: No Justice-No Equity, Loretta J. Ross, Summer 2010

On "Generation Y/Millenials" and Teaching Reproductive Justice Through Film, Angie Young, Spring 2010

Loretta Ross Unmasks Black Anti-Abortion Message, Media Spin, Cynthia L. Cooper, Winter 2010

Facing Down Danger to Make Reproductive Freedom a Reality: Amy Hagstrom Miller, Eleanor Bader, Winter 2010

Convictions to Action: Lessons From Margaret Sanger, Gloria Feldt, Winter 2010

Facing Down Danger to Make Reproductive Freedom a Reality: Susan Hill, Mary Lou Greenberg, Winter 2010

The Courage of No, Merle Hoffman, Winter 2010

Black Abortion: Breaking the Silence, Maame-Mensima Horne, Fall 2009

Exclusive: Women of Color Push Boundaries on Reproductive Justice, Natalie Bell, Fall 2009

Population & environment: a progressive, feminist approach, Laurie Mazur, Fall 2009

Healthcare Compromise: Low-Income Women Get Bumped, Jen Nedeau, Fall 2009

The First of all Liberties: Making Health Care Meet All Women's Needs, Eesha Pandit, Fall 2009

Selecting the Same Sex, Merle Hoffman, Summer 2009

Mobilizing for Reproductive Justice, Loretta J. Ross, Spring 2009

Telemedicine's Abortion Pill Dispatches Relief for Women, Diana Whitten, Spring 2009 Cafe

My Body, My Story: In Memory of Dr. Tiller, Judy Gumbo Alpert, Spring 2009 Cafe

Poem Honoring Slain Abortion Doctor, Again, Judith Arcana, Spring 2009 Cafe

Common Enemies: LGBT, Abortion Share Foes, Pam Chamberlain, Spring 2009

Higher Ground, Not Common Ground, Merle Hoffman, Spring 2009

Taking a Stand on Hospitals, and Meaning It, Lois Uttley, Spring 2009

On the Murder and Continuing Inspiration of Dr. George Tiller, Merle Hoffman, Spring 2009

Repeal Hyde: Even Republicans Know It's Wrong to Politick With Women's Lives, Loretta J. Ross, Spring 2009 Cafe

New Yorkers Need to Upgrade Abortion Laws, Galen Sherwin, Spring 2009 Cafe

Lessons from Redstockings: A Movement Goes for What It Wants, Adrien Hilton, Spring 2009 Cafe

Mobilizing Our Dreams for Reproductive Justice, Loretta Ross, Winter 2009

“Crisis Pregnancy Centers” are threats to Reproductive Justice, Lauren Guy McAlpin, Winter 2009 Café

New Waves for Abortion Access in European Decision, Diana Whitten, Winter 2009 Café

A Do-Over for Reproductive Justice, Gloria Feldt, Winter 2009 Café

A Menace to Society – Bill Baird, Alexis Greene, Winter 2009

Health Care ‘Reform’ Is Not Enough, Susan Yanow, Winter 2009

Re-enslaving African American Women, Loretta Ross, Fall 2008

The Terror of Motherhood in Somaliland and Women’s Rights to Safe Care, Edna Adan Ismail, Fall 2008

Anti-Abortion Terror Tactics Take a Toll, Eleanor Bader, Fall 2008

The Dangerous Complacency of Victory, Merle Hoffman, Fall 2008

Sarah Palin and the Apocalypse, Merle Hoffman, Fall 2008

Nowhere to Hide: Everyday Warrior Patricia Baird-Windle, Eleanor Bader, Winter 1999

The Fire This Time: When "Pro-Life" Means Death, Mary Lou Greenberg, Summer 1998

The Wrath of Angels: The American Abortion War by Jim Risen and Judy Thomas, reviewed by Patricia Baird-Windle, Spring 1998

27 Years, But Who's Counting?, Merle Hoffman, Winter 1998

Atlanta: Women and Choice Under Attack, Mary Lou Greenberg, Summer 1997

Fatal Denial? The Tragic Case of Amy Grossberg and Brian Peterson, Merle Hoffman, Spring 1997

Reproducing Persons: Issues in Feminist Bioethics by Laura M Purdy, reviewed by Robin Bromley, Spring 1997

Refocusing Choice, Rosemary Bray, Spring 1997

Special Section - Loving Babies, Hating Women: The International Conspiracy Against Abortion Rights, Fall 1996

Nepal: Prisoners of Biology, Loving Babies Hating Women, Jan Goodwin, Fall 1996

The Anti-Abortion Stealth Campaign, Jennifer Gonnerman, Fall 1996

Our Clinics, Ourselves: Defending Providers Is Up To Us, Mary Lou Greenberg, Summer 1996

Trojan Horses: The Morality of Abortion, Merle Hoffman, Winter 1996

For Two Women Shot to Death in Brookline, Massachusetts, Marge Piercy, Summer 1995

Abortion Providers: the New "Communists"?, Merle Hoffman, Summer 1995

Poland's Morning After, Peggy Simpson, Spring 1995

Heroism: Theory and Practice, Merle Hoffman, Winter 1995

Confronting the Anti-Abortionists in Pensacola, Mary Lou Greenberg, Winter 1995

High Noon in Moscow, Merle Hoffman, Fall 1994

Praise the Lord and Kill the Doctor, Merle Hoffman, Summer 1994

A Simple Human Right, the History of Black Women and Abortion, Loretta J. Ross, Spring 1994

Every Child a Wanted Child, A Conversation with Surgeon General Dr. Jocelyn Elders, Elaine Clift, Spring 1994

Counterfeit Clinics, Genuine Pain, Phoney Abortion Clinics, Neil deMause, Winter 1994

Birth Control Pills Without Prescription, Maxine Lipner, Winter 1994

Fear, Fortitude and the FBI, Ronni Sandroff, Winter 1994

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Shoot 'Em, the Murder of Dr. David Gunn, Neil deMause, Fall 1993

The Abortion Issue, There is No Choice Without Providers, Norine Dworkin, Fall 1993

Clinics Under the Gun, Blockades, Firebombs, Murder, A Firsthand Report, Mary Lou Greenberg, Fall 1993

Sex After the Fall, Starting a birth control Revolution in Russia, Merle Hoffman, Spring 1993

Choices: The Road Not Taken, Merle Hoffman, Fall 1992

Isn't It Enough to Make You Scream?, Merle Hoffman, Fall 1991

Critiques of the New Contraceptives: After Norplant, What's Next? Jill Benderly, RU Angry? Rhona Mahoney, RU Sure? Jill Benderly, Summer 1991

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Can Also Rock the Boat, How Prochoice Activists Turned Around the Dayton Foundation, Irene Davall, Spring 1991

A Dialogue With Eli Wiesel on Abortion, Love, and the Holocaust, with Merle Hoffman, Spring 1991

The Chilling of Reproductive Choice, Janice Raymond, Vol 14 Spring 1990

Margaret Sanger, Militant, Pragmatist, Visionary, Lawrence Lader, Vol 14 Spring 1990

Margaret Sanger, An Alternate View, Jill Benderly, Vol 14 Spring 1990

Saving Choice, Youth Organizes to Oppose Parental Consent and Notification, Vol 14 Spring 1990

Which Way After Webster? Irene Davall, Winter 1990

Another American Tragedy, The Death of Becky Bell, Interview with Bill and Karen Bell, Mary Lou Greenberg, Winter 1990

More Than A Woman's Issue, Merle Hoffman, Vol 13, 1989

Abortion - The "Issue", Merle Hoffman, Vol 12, 1989

American Fantasies, Merle Hoffman, Vol 11, 1989

Where are the Troops?, Merle Hoffman, Vol 10, 1988

The Unfinished Mandate: Addressing the Issue of Infertility, Congresswoman Pat Schroeder, Vol 9 1988

Abortion and the Monk's Mistress, Irene Davall, Vol 7 1987

Quiet Heroines, Merle Hoffman, Vol 6, 1986

Abortion's Silent Constituency, Merle Hoffman, Vol 4, Summer, Fall 1984

Politicized by Henry Hyde, Merle Hoffman, Vol 1, Fall 1983

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