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Thursday, May 13, 2010 --- 4:15

Submitted to and Rejected by: Posted by: Kathleen Quinn

On A Feminist’s U-Turn: A Torrid Tale of Disappointment and Discovery by Megan Carpentier

Whilst reading your journey on how you became a feminist I can't help but notice how different my own …
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Posted by: Kathleen Quinn

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Submitted to and Rejected by: The Los Angeles Times

International Women’s Day on March 8 has special meaning for me – this year, more than ever. I will be participating in a demonstration in Los Angeles on March 7 and sharing, long distance, in the power of another one in Sweden the next day.

What makes the events especially …
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Sussan G. is an Iranian German who was imprisoned in Iran for three years for her political work who continues to work with other Iranian and Afghan women in Germany. Carol Downer is a co-founder of the Feminist Women’s Health Center in 1973 in Los Angeles. She co-authored and is editor of several books on women’s health care, notably "A New View of a Woman’s Body." She is an attorney and a member of the board of Women’s Health Services in Chico, California.

See Iranian Women Today – Fighting Two Enemies by Mary Lou Greenberg in the April 2008 edition of On The Issues Magazine.

Also see A Sacrificial Light by Martha Shelley in the Fall 1994 edition of On The Issues Magazine.

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Women of Color Need Human Rights, Not “Common Ground”

Submitted to and Rejected by: The Washington Post

I don’t agree that President-elect Obama should only seek “common ground” on abortion and avoid standing up for the rights of poor women in our society.

As an organization that represents both pro-life and pro-choice women of color, SisterSong believes that poor women should …
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Loretta J. Ross
National Coordinator
SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective
Atlanta GA

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